Analysts predict Microsoft’s Xbox Series X price

Microsoft Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

We still have many months before the official unveiling of the Microsoft Xbox Series X. The company has already announced the appearance and hardware of this device. It has even announced the first 13 Series X-exclusive optimized games (with badges). All these games achieve up to 4K 120FPS, DirectStorage, hardware-grade light tracking, and faster load times. The only suspense presently should be the retail price of this console.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

Unfortunately, when it comes to price speculations, it appears that there is no “trusted” source for this information. Analysts basically speculate the price of this console considering the market competition, hardware capacity, and previous model price.

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According to analyst Michael Pachter’s prediction, the price of the Xbox Series X console may be lower than the expectations of players. It may even be around $400 dollars. This is another very “open” prediction which could be a far cry from the actual price. Although most people think that the retail price of the Series X and PS5 may be between $500 and $600, Pachter has reasons to believe that Microsoft may be prepared for a substantial loss. Pachter said that because Microsoft’s other profit channels are very wide, it has the ability to bear losses conditionally. At present, the configuration parameters of Microsoft’s upcoming console may be slightly higher than the PS5. If the price is lower by $ 100, it will undoubtedly cause a fatal blow to Sony.

A Microsoft official recently said that the Xbox Series X price will be flexible and will flow with the market. This seems to suggest that Microsoft has a wide acceptable price range for the Xbox Series X.

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In March, Microsoft announced the complete specifications of the Xbox Series X. The new host comes with an AMD 8-core CPU and the graphics card is 52 sets of CU, that is, 3328 stream processor. There is already a battle to the finish line between the Microsoft’s Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5. As of now, we know more about the Xbox Series X than the PlayStation 5. Presently, it seems as though the new Xbox will take the crown but it is certainly too early to judge.

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