Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E Announced at 999 yuan ($139)

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E

Today, Xiaomi Smart Door Lock series launched a new door lock item, namely the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E. The latter is priced at 999 yuan ($139).

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E has 6 unlocking methods, including fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, temporary password, Bluetooth, HomeKit, and emergency key. The fingerprint module is cleverly integrated into the handle.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E

Key Advantages

Also, the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E adopts a direct plug-in lock core design. The lock core penetrates the lock body. Even if the front panel is damaged, it still has a safe mechanical lock. It adopts the C-level lock core with the highest safety level in the industry. Apart from this, the lock has a deeply customized safety lock body. The clutch transmission device is hidden in the lock body. In other words, even if the front panel is damaged, it is still difficult to open the door lock. The main control chip is placed on the rear panel to avoid electronic interference and prevent the small black box from unlocking. New anti-insertion lock tongue, effective anti-insertion card, and technical unlocking, greatly improve the anti-prying ability.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E

Our protagonist adopts the integrated design of the doorbell and has the function of electronic doorbell. So it can promptly remind guests when they visit. With Xiao Ai speaker, you can set a voice reminder. After accessing the Bluetooth gateway, it can push notifications locally and remotely at the same time to avoid missing visitors.

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Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E


The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E supports MIoT and Apple HomeKit. After authorizing Apple HomeKit through the Mijia app, you can use Siri or the home app to control the door lock switch.

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Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E

For the first time, the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E uses one-button arming from home. Within 7 seconds after unlocking and closing the door in the room, lightly press to turn on the arming mode. As a result, an alarm will be issued in case of abnormal unlocking. The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock E can not only remotely set and check the status through the Mijia app, but also support user management. It can record the information of the unlocking method such as the corresponding fingerprint and password under the established user information. It is especially useful for users who have children and want to see when they go home.

Moreover, the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E supports standard lock body installation and is compatible with Bawang lock body installation. In addition, the company provides a 3-year free warranty.

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