OnePlus set up guide pages for unnanounced devices, among them the OnePlus 8T Pro

OnePlus 8T Pro

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A couple of days ago, the first leaked render of the upcoming OnePlus 8T emerged thanks to the OxygenOS 11 Developer Preview 4. The device’s arrival does not come as a surprise, since OnePlus has been building a solid schedule composed of two smartphones in the first half of the year and two more OnePlus T smartphones by the end of the year. This year, however, is quite different since the company is bringing a plethora of mid-range smartphones that started with the OnePlus Nord in July. Recently, reports came indicating that this year, we won’t have an OnePlus 8T Pro, but now newly leaked info suggests otherwise.

Of course, this report may be digested with a pinch or two of salt. After all, everything is based on leaked pages that hardly bring us concrete information. What is shown here are a couple of URLs found to be active on the official OnePlus domain. These leaked pages actually lead to pages, but those pages are generic versions of “phone” guides. In other words, they don’t bring any kind of concrete information regarding the upcoming devices. The URL pages are, actually, the biggest prove we have right now of these devices’ existence.

In total, we have five pages and some of them offer more details than the others. The most detailed ones are for the OnePlus  8T and OnePlus 8T. Then, we have two Nord smartphones – The N100 and N105g. Last but not least, we have another device carrying the SS9805 codename.

If we start with the Nord, there aren’t many surprises here. OnePlus officially stated that the Nord stands for a new lineup of smartphones and not just a single device. According to recent reports and rumors, the company will unveil a super cheap OnePlus Nord with Clover codename and a Snapdragon 460. Moreover, the company will bring a more affordable, but still 5G-ready OnePlus Nord with a Snapdragon 690 SoC. These two leaked codes may be related to one of them. Moreover, the N100 and N1005g are suspiciously close as model numbers. The 5g at the end of one is even more suspicious and may hint 5G availability.

When it comes to the 8T family, the existence of OnePlus 8T Pro may entice some fans. After all, a recent report states that will be getting just a regular OnePlus 8T this year. Perhaps, the OnePlus 8T Pro may be happening, but not exactly for “this year” as the leakster suggested. For now, we’ll still need to wait for more concrete info. The vanilla model is expected to come with a 120Hz AMOLED display and Snapdragon 865+ in tow.

Last but not least, we have the SS9805 model. It’s hard to associate anything with this device. It could be the budget-friendly OnePlus “Clover” or even the rumored OnePlus Watch. Once again, we’ll have to wait for more information.

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