Xiaomi Launches Aqara Smart Door Lock D100 With 1s Unlocking Speed

Today, the brand under the Xiaomi ecological chain – Aqara, released the fully automatic smart sliding door lock D100. It has a price tag of 1899 yuan ($289). This smart lock does not have a traditional horizontal door handle, which reduces the steps of pressing and pulling. So you can open the door once it recognizes the fingerprint. The main advantage is that the operation process is shorter.

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According to the official introduction, the Aqara smart door lock D100 uses Apple and Xiaomi dual security chips. So it can connect to Apple HomeKit and Mijia smart home IoT platform. The fingerprint recognition uses the 3D semiconductor fingerprint recognition module of the Swedish PB company, with a financial-grade fingerprint detection algorithm.

Aqara smart door lock D100

In order to facilitate the needs of different users in the whole family, the D100 has 7 different unlocking methods. You can use one-time/periodical password unlocking for on-site service with convenient maintenance personnel; NFC unlocking is suitable for the elderly and children with shallow fingerprints; the NFC function supports compatible Xiaomi smartphones/bands and Aqara NFC cards. In addition, the traditional lock cylinder of this door lock adopts a C-level cylinder, which has certain anti-technical unlocking capabilities.

Aqara smart door lock D100

Unlike traditional motors, the Aqara smart door lock D100 embeds the motor into the lock body. This approach greatly improves the response rate of the lock body. According to Greenmi Lab tests, the unlocking time of D100 can be as fast as 1 second.

Aqara smart door lock D100

According to the official description, the smart lock is equipped with a two-cell battery and lasts up to 12 months. There is a Type-C interface on the door. So you can use any corresponding method to charge it directly.

By the way, Aqara is a smart home brand owned by Shenzhen Lumi Lianchuang Technology Co., Ltd., which belongs to the Xiaomi ecological chain. Up to now, Aqara has more than 40 devices and more than 10 categories connected to Apple HomeKit.

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