Honor Smartphone Powered By Qualcomm Chip Is In The Works

Huawei sells Honor

Huawei’s smartphone business is sinking. As you know, the US government has banned any kind of cooperation between the American companies and Huawei. But Huawei, like many other brands, has been running a dual-brand strategy. And this is an opportune occasion to fully use its second brand. A few months back, the Chinese tech giant made Honor free. Now, it’s an independent brand. Does this mean it can avoid all those barriers that were standing in front of Huawei? Now, it seems yes. As for smartphones, the first Honor smartphone with the Snapdragon chip is in the works.


Today, a reporter from China Securities News learned exclusively from Honor smartphone supply chain company that the company is currently advancing the research and development of new Honor 5G smartphones using Qualcomm chips.

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Does This Mean Honor Smartphone Products Will Use Qualcomm? Who Knows?

Last month, according to Tencent’s ‘Deep Web’ report, a source close to Qualcomm said that the progress of negotiations between Qualcomm and Honor is very optimistic. Plus, we learned that the two sides are close to reaching a supply cooperation. In addition, Honor plans to release the V40 series phones in January 2021. But the Honor V40 will use the previously stocked MediaTek chips. But we have also heard that there will be more than one V40 models. Moreover, the series should have around 4 models. And they all are rumored to use SoCs from four different manufacturers (presumably, Qualcomm, HiSilicon, Exynos, and MediaTek)

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When asked about the cooperation between Qualcomm and New Honor at the Snapdragon Technology Summit at the beginning of last month, Qualcomm said that as a new participant in the market, Qualcomm is happy and looks forward to future cooperation with Honor.

Anyways, one thing is clear – Huawei has broken all relations with Honor to show the world it has no impact on this brand. Thus, Honor can act like other Chinese brands (such as Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, etc.). This also mean Honor should be able to use ‘goodies’ imported from the US, we mean hardware and software products. That’s why there is every reason to think the Honor smartphone products may come pre-installed with Google Services in the future.

By the way, Honor has set a goal to sell over 100 million smartphones in 2021. So any scenario is possible.

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