Huawei’s Market Share Divided Between Apple And Xiaomi

Huawei market share

Starting September 15, 2020, Huawei couldn’t use any American product, including both hardware and software. So the company was artificially excluded from the smartphone market. It was the world’s third smartphone maker. And there was every reason to predict that this brand will surpass Apple in the nearest future. Anyways, the US government accused it in ‘playing spy games’ and ‘closed the oxygen tank’. What will happen with Huawei’s smartphone business still causes a lot of questions.

And though the Chinese tech giant has made a few adjustments in its business, we still don’t see any real results. First, we mean Honor’s separation from the original brand. Second, Huawei responded to the rumors as it is selling its smartphone brand negatively. Third, it is making chips using only Chinese components. Fourth, it has developed its own ‘Android system’ – Harmony OS – with all services. Fifth, …

However, at the moment, Huawei has lost its power in the smartphone market. And though many manufacturers were trying to grab the vacant place, Xiaomi and Apple outrun all competitors. In other words, the blank place left by Huawei is now occupied by these two.

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This Is Not The End For Huawei

Is everything over for Huawei? We don’t think so. As said above, Huawei has made a few adjustments. And according to some analysts, it will take up to 3-5 years (or even longer) to recover.

One thing is clear – no matter how long it will take from Huawei to return to the top, it is getting prepared for a protracted battle. Of course, many companies are armed with advanced weapons now. But Huawei is building state-owned technology. And we have all reason to think, in the nearest future, it will come back with more power. Look, this company has accelerated the development process of a full-featured operating system. Agree that many companies have been dreaming about it. But none of them has made real moves towards this goal. The US ban made Huawei bring it. And it will appear on various products, not only one smartphones. The second most important component of any smartphone is the chip. And Huawei is working on it as well. The rest of the components are mainly produced not in the US (camera sensors, displays, etc. are made in Japan, Korea, and other countries.) So is there a light for Huawei? Yes!

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