Large battery and fast charging can not coexist for now

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Over the past few years, there has been consistent development in the smartphone industry. The battery and charging department have been aspects of focus in recent times. A few years ago, 3000 mAh was a decent battery. However, as the screen size, refresh rate and other features continue to increase, there is now a need for better batteries. Presently, in the Android camp, anything less than 4000 mAh is below decent. In addition to the battery size, the fast charging capacity is also an aspect of development. At some point, 18W fas charging was just enough. However, we now have 120W fast charging which shows the pace of development in the industry.

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According to @DigitalChatStation, there are restrictions with large batteries and fast charging capacity. According to his recent Weibo post, there is a bottleneck in the attempt to use large batteries with fast charging. This becomes more difficult when a manufacturer also attempts to use the recent comprehensive design trend. According to him, the next few non-gaming flagship phones will use no more than 65W fast charging for 4500 mAh batteries and above.

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Recall that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra comes with a 4500 mAh battery with 120W fast charging. However, a real-life test shows that this smartphone does not output more than 80W. Perhaps in laboratory tests, the company’s specialists really managed to bring the charging power to 120W, but in real operating conditions it was found that the peak charging power is 92.3 W and as soon as this figure is reached, a “rollback” to 86.4 W occurs, and the smartphone gets 80.1 watts. A full charge takes 21 minutes, only 3 minutes is enough to charge the battery by 25%, and the maximum temperature is 43.8 °C. The temperature regime returns to normal when the battery charge level reaches 70%.

Interestingly, the 80W output does not perform much better than the 50W charger. When using the 50W charger, the Mi 10 Ultra gets a full charge in just 29 minutes, and 5 minutes is enough to charge the battery by 25%. And most importantly, the maximum temperature is 39.1°C. However, the 18W charger uses a whooping 68 minutes to get a full charge on the Mi 10 Ultra.

You can now understand why Xiaomi did not use the more expensive 120W fast charging on the Xiaomi Mi 11. Rather, the company settled for the 55W charging. This lends credence to the recent statement of @DigitalChatStation

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