Xiaomi To Launch Improved Ninebot Electric Scooter F25 In Three Days

When the first Xiaomi electric scooter was out, many wondered how this brand could succeed in a niche that it had nothing in common. In fact, the first electric scooter of the company and its successors became best-sellers. Many were thinking the key to success is hidden in Xiaomi’s philosophy of making good products for all. However, only a few people know that Xiaomi has been investing in a company specializing in electric scooters and products in this segment. We are talking about Ninebot (Segway, No. 9, call it however you want). Today, the latter announced that the Ninebot electric scooter F25 will come in three days. This product is going to become another hot-seller.

Ninebot Electric scooter F25

Judging from the poster, the Ninebot electric scooter F25 features 10-inch high-elastic tires. So they are comfortable and durable as well as come with anti-skid and shock-absorbing. In comparison, the high-end Ninebot electric scooter E25 uses 9-inch high-elastic run-flat tires.

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At present, Ninebot has produced a variety of electric scooters, including children’s electric scooters E8, the AirT15, the electric skateboard E22 / E23 / E25 / E21 / ES2 / MAX, etc. But this company has also made several Xiaomi Mijia electric scooters. So it knows how to make good kickscooters.

Ninebot Electric Scooter F25 Design And Performance

Continuing the attractive and comfortable design of the ES family, this electric scooter comes with an one-piece metal bending frame. It uses a fine-particle sandblasted coating that provides an outstanding texture. The main components are integrated into the tube. So there are almost no prominent parts and wiring harness.

Ninebot Electric scooter e25

The chassis carries colorful atmosphere lights that have 9 flashing light effects. You can switch to any of them through the app. Retaining the classic folding design, the scooter still weighs about 14kg, and can be picked up and towed with one hand.

In terms of performance, the customized 700W peak power motor has the same speed of 25km/h as the standard electric bicycles. It also has 15% grade climbing ability. The 18650 battery has a battery life of 25 kilometers.

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