Xiaomi flagship with a small screen and a clamshell design is coming

Over the past few years, there has been a consistent increase in the size of smartphone displays. Presently, we can barely see any smartphone with a screen size of less than 6-inches. Although we have the iPhone 12 mini, some Android users wish they have small flagships. However, it’s important to note that the iPhone 12 mini sales are so poor that it constitutes only about 5% of the total iPhone 12 series sales. The large screen iPhone 12 Pro Max is the series bestseller. The smallest flagship for Android users is probably the Asus Zenfone 8 with a 5.9-inch display. The Meizu 18 with a 6.2-inch display is also another option. However, there is no recent flagship from Xiaomi with a small display. The smallest and most recent Xiaomi smartphone is probably the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE with a 5.97-inch display and this device is two years old.


Fortunately, there is news that Xiaomi will also launch a new flagship Android phone with a small screen. However, this device will not be a regular smartphone, it will come with a clamshell design similar to the Galaxy Z Filp3. 

According to Ross Young, the founder, and CEO of DSCC, Xiaomi will launch three foldable smartphones in 2021. His report claims that the Chinese manufacturer will have an external foldable phone, an internal foldable phone, and a clamshell phone. 

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The Mi 9 SE comes with a Snapdragon 712 processor and this device is a 2021 mid-range. In addition, the classic Xiaomi Mi 6 uses a 5.15-inch eye protection screen and uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 flagship processor. However, the Mi 6 is four years old, not attractive for the present smartphone market. It appears that Xiaomi will still have the market for a small-screen flagship. Presently, the resell value of the Xiaomi Mi 6 is higher than that of the Xiaomi Mi 8. Also, talks of the Xiaomi Mi 6 replica seem to excite Xiaomi fans. In fact, the four years old Mi 6 still has over 2 million active users

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Xiaomi patents a flip-screen mobile phone

When we talk about clamshell smartphones, we have the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series, Samsung W20, and Motorola Razr mobile phones. In addition to Samsung and Motorola, Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Huawei only have patents. Earlier this month, there were reports that Xiaomi has a new patent with nimber “CN306654732S”. The application date for the patent is April 2020.

The patent abstract shows that this design product is for mobile communication, camera, network, and multimedia applications. The main point of the design lies in the shape of the product. Xiaomi’s new patent uses a clamshell folding screen design, which is similar to the Motorola Blade and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip from the appearance diagram. 

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  1. Ramesh P
    July 20, 2021

    Brainless people if add 5g, expandable memory, more battery juice and low prices mini 12 sales shall soar, though tim cook acts brain less

  2. Maulik Barot
    July 20, 2021

    Sir, these people tell us that they charge us high due to top end technology, good build quality and cost of research work, but the reality is that they charge us maybe 50 times higher than what they should or they can. They make a phone at 2-5K and charge us 1 Lakh .

    1+ brand gave a hope to people that it is a brand which is apple killer, but they too are going on Apple's path only now, their leadership got changed and now Oppo guys make all descisions.

  3. Ramesh P
    July 20, 2021

    Samsung, MI, Apple and others worked hard and eliminate Huawei in name of secrecy, otherwise no brand on planet is even closr to what huawei was offering.

    They all were envied by its success..and all of them are hackers including apple..