Here are the latest Huawei & Honor smartphones getting the HarmonyOS 2 update

Harmony OS

At the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC.Together), Huawei Consumer Business CEO, Yu Chengdong, announced that the number of Huawei HarmonyOS 2 equipment upgrades now exceeds 150 million. HarmonyOS is the fastest-growing terminal operating system in history. Huawei also announced that the HarmonyOS 3 Beta version is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2022. This system will provide developers with more complete system capabilities and development tools.

HarmonyOS 2

After the launch of the eighth batch of devices to get the HarmonyOS 2 update, the ninth batch is now official. These smartphones will also get the internal beta of the HarmonyOS 2. Of course, the internal beta will be for devices that are approved by Huawei. Only approved applications will eventually get the update. The nine devices that are participating in this ninth batch includes

  • Huawei nova 8 SE Active Edition
  • Huawei Enjoy Tablet 2
  • Huawei-Tablet M5 Youth Edition 8-inch
  • Huawei Enjoy Tablet 10.1 inches
  • Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition 10.1 inches
  • Honor Tablet 6 10.1 inches
  • Honor Tablet X6
  • Honor-Tablet 5 8 Inches
  • Honor Tablet 5 10.1 inches.

Users with the above models can go to the member center as well as the Huawei Pollen Club to register for the upgrade.

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N/B: HarmonyOS 2 is not yet available for global users. In fact, there is no information regarding the global version of HarmonyOS. However, we know that Huawei is still developing the EMUI 12 for global users. From all indications, HarmonyOS is not ready to leave China for now. 

HarmonyOS 2 adaptation history

Huawei officially released the HarmonyOS system on June 2nd. In the first week, by June 9, we already had over 10 million Harmony users. In two weeks, this operating system had over 18 million users. After a month of upgrade, HarmonyOS had over 25 million users. Before the end of July, this figure increased to over 40 million. In less than two months, as of early August, this operating system had over 50 million users. As of August 30th, HarmonyOS had over 70 million active users. However, a few days later (September, 2nd), the company announced that it has over 90 million users.

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As of September 13th, HarmonyOS 2 users officially exceeded 100 million. On September 27th, the company announced that HarmonyOS active users have exceeded 120 million users. Judging from this growth rate, HarmonyOS is advancing almost at an average daily upgrade volume of 1 million. It is obvious that this system will have well over 300 million users before the end of this year. This upgrade is Huawei’s largest system update in its history. The Chinese manufacturer also hopes to release this system to 400 million devices by the end of the year

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