Chinese are offering an Apple-like cloth for only $3 instead of $23

One of the most talked about products in the media space in October was Apple’s premium nano-textured cloth. Its main advantage is a soft non-abrasive material, the composition of which is kept in the strictest confidence. True, the guys from iFixit, who managed to “disassemble” the napkin, did not find much difference with ordinary microfiber. And the Chinese would not have been Chinese if they had not started the production of a similar cloth.

Chinese are offering an Apple-like cloth for only $3 instead of $23

An affordable version of the premium napkin has begun to be actively traded in Chinese online stores. On the product page itself, it is stated that this is “the same Apple model, direct from the factory, the same as on the official website.” This message can be interpreted as the fact that at the factory where the real Apple napkin is produced, they have launched a lineup and sell a similar cloth for a lower price. The only difference from the original version is the absence of the Apple logo.

The napkin is offered for only $ 2.63. Provided that for the original in China they ask $23. If there is a queue for the original cloth and they promise to deliver it only next year, then the Chinese version is ready to be shipped right now. It remains only to check whether the counterfeit is compatible with Apple devices and whether it removes dirt as effectively as the original accessory.

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Apple has released a cleaning cloth for displays for $19

You all know that during use, dust collects on the surface of devices, traces of dirt and greasy stains may appear. For this reason, they need regular cleaning. Many people think about what products to use and how to properly care for them. Apple took care of this and recently, in addition to the coolest gadgets, added a cleaning cloth to its range.

The company’s official store says the fabric is made from a soft, non-abrasive material that “safely and effectively cleans any Apple display, including nano-textured glass.” The Cupertino-based company warns Pro Display XDR users not to use any cloth to clean the display and to wipe it only with a special cloth.

So, it is quite predictable for Apple that its next product is white; and the company logo proudly flaunts on it. And such a “cleaner” costs only $ 19. But this is in the USA, and in other markets they ask about $ 28 for it.

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