Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1 – New Name and New Logo

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1

Not long ago, MediaTek officially released the Dimensity 9000 flagship processor. Originally, it has been rumored to be called the Dimensity 2000. But it seems at the very last minute, the company changed its mind and the naming rules as well. However, this is not the only top-end chip that comes with a different name. As you know, Qualcomm’s new generation of processors, the successor of the Snapdragon 888 series will be called the Snapdragon 8 gen 1.

Generally, talking we have been waiting for the Snapdragon 888 follow-up model to be called the Snapdragon 898. But it will come with the name of “Snapdragon 8 Gen 1”. This caused a lot of stir in the net. But this is not the final story. As a Weibo tipster proves, the chip will be renamed again. According to him, the new name is Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1.

The newly exposed name is more complicated than before. Many users are very confused about this naming. We hope Qualcomm will come in with some explanation in the near future.

Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1 Parameters

As for the specifications, seems nothing changed. The chip still uses Samsung’s 4nm process and comes with a three-cluster architecture design. The CPU has 1*3.0GHz X2 super large core + 3*2.5GHz large core + 4*1.79GHz small core, and GPU is the Adreno 730.

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Today, AnTuTu also showed a new machine based on this chip. According to the benchmark scores, the CPU sub-item score of the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 prototype is about 23W, which is about 20% higher than that of the Snapdragon 888 Plus with the same frequency. The GPU score is about 44W, and the score is increased by about 40%. Plus, it integrates the Snapdragon X65 baseband. Thus, we are dealing with the next-generation model and not a slightly upgraded variant.

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Qualcomm will announce it on December 1st. With regards to the 5nm Dimensity 7000, @DCS claims that this chip will arrive after Q1 next year. Qualcomm will also have an iterative upgrade of the Snapdragon 7 series processor. However, a few days ago, Qualcomm has already officially stated that Snapdragon will become an independent brand in the future. At that time, Snapdragon will no longer appear in parallel with the Qualcomm brand.

According to a Twitter blogger @kuba, the Snapdragon 8gx Gen1 logo was obtained from the test version of Qualcomm’s temporary website. This doesn’t mean we are dealing with the final version of the logo.

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