Xiaomi Fuel Gauge Battery Tech Adds Battery Endurance By 100 Minutes

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Xiaomi has already designed an SoC namely the Surge S1 and an ISP chip called the Surge C1. Today, the company officially talked about another product from this segment, a battery chip. The so-called “Fuel Gauge” chip is an important part of Xiaomi’s new battery technology.

Xiaomi Fuel Gauge Chip

According to the official information, the Xiaomi Fuel Gauge chip, as the core of the intelligent battery system, supports battery material information data, user battery big data, and battery encryption system. Plus, it provides evolution and bottom-level data analysis to achieve all-around battery safety, while extending battery life, and improving user experience.

At the same time, it breaks through the industry’s battery chip technology, and exclusively develops new ISP and SOA functions. In effect, it can more efficiently combine cells, batteries, and systems. Thus, in the future, it can further make batteries safer and healthier.

The Xiaomi Fuel Gauge uses the local monitoring function. So it can intelligently detect the user’s night charging behavior, open the night battery maintenance, avoid the state of full charge for a long time, delay the battery aging, and extend the battery life.

At the same time, combined with Xiaomi’s industry’s first battery time-domain intelligent technology, it can provide users with battery maintenance after detecting the high-temperature season.

The Xiaomi Fuel Gauge chip is the first to support Xiaomi’s first low-power Rolling Battery Lifetime battery monitoring. Also, it can do daily and weekly battery usage habit calculations. The chip manages battery aging scenarios and maintains the battery.

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New Battery Tech By Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s new-generation battery technology is the first to realize the application of power battery-level high-silicon lithium supplement technology to mobile phones. The silicon content is increased by 3 times. Combined with the fully upgraded packaging technology, the battery capacity is increased by 10%, and the battery life is increased by 100% under the same volume. However, the company did not mention the specific increase in endurance.

The new generation of battery technology will increase the silicon content to a new level. The capacity of single cells at 67W high power will increase by 8%. Combined with highly integrated packaging technology, the battery capacity will increase by 10%. The endurance will increase by 100 minutes. It will go on mass production in the second half of next year.

We should mention that on December 7, Xiaomi Shanghai established a new company Xuanjie Technology. It has a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan ($0.24 billion). This is a new move by Xiaomi in chip research and development.

Back to the Surge chips, in March this year, Xiaomi launched a new generation of self-developed chip Surge C1. It is an ISP chip, and was first launched on the MIX Fold folding screen smartphone series.

We have every reason to believe that the Xiaomi Fuel Gauge chips and ISPs are just small steps for Xiaomi’s true Surge chip. So in the future, we can expect AI NPU chips and even 5G SoCs.

Xiaomi Fuel Gauge

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