How to view the Super Bowl 2022 on a Samsung Smart TV

The Super Bowl is here again and we are sure you don’t want to miss any action because it’s the biggest game in the NFL. How do you intend to watch the Super Bowl 2022? If you have a Samsung TV, then you have an easy way out. All you need to know is how to watch the Super Bowl 2022 on your Samsung smart TV.

Super Bowl 2022

Speaking from experience, the Super Bowl is best viewed from a really large screen. Of course, most people do not want to view NFL games from a regular small TV. If you need a big screen, then you sure know that Samsung is brand dominating for now. No doubt, Samsung Smart TVs are probably the best bet to experience any sporting event.

Considering the premium features, industry-leading advancement, and intuitive streaming portal of Samsung’s TV, you will be amazed to see how the Super Bowl appears on Samsung’s Smart TV. While there are other great TV sets out there, this article is specific for Samsung and it also focuses on how to view the 2022 Super Bowl game.

Thus, if you already own a Samsung TV set or you hope to get one before the game, this article explains how you can watch the Super Bowl 2022 from your Samsung TV. Furthermore, this article also explains the settings that will be perfect for maximizing the game from kickoff to the post-game celebration.

When will the Super Bowl 2022 take place?

The 2022 Super Bowl game will take place at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. This game will be played on February 13, 2022, and the kickoff time is 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT. However, NBC holds the exclusive right to all Super Bowl 2022 live and streamable coverage. This exclusivity is the more reason why you need to know how to view the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl

How to watch Super Bowl 2022 on a Samsung TV

This year is quite different from previous years in terms of coverage. In the past, four main TV networks including NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS broadcasts the Super Bowl. However, this year, there is a change as the “golden contract” is exclusive to NBC. So, what is the implication of this exclusivity with respect to streaming on your Samsung TV? The first thing to note is that you will certainly need some sort of NBC-supported streaming app to view the Super Bowl. However, the good news is that users have plenty of options to view the game.


To watch the Super Bowl, you may need to have NBC’s go-to streaming service, Peacock. The basic version of this application is actually free. Unfortunately, the basic version does not provide access to the Super Bowl. To have access to the game, you will have to have Peacock’s Premium ($5/month) or Plus plans ($9/month). However, it is important to note that Super Bowl 2022 will be broadcasted live on NBC stations and at the same time, it will also be streamed live on Peacock.

Hulu + Live TV

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Hulu + Live TV subscription is another great option for users to have access to the Super Bowl 2022. Unlike Peacock’s less than $10 subscription, Hulu + Live TV runs a $70 per month plan. However, it is important to note that this plan comes with a huge package of TV channels including NBC and all its affiliates. Thus, you are getting more for paying more. Furthermore, your subscription does not start and end with the Super Bowl. After the game, you will still continue to enjoy the benefit of your Hulu + Live TV subscription. You will have access to Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu’s entire library of movies and shows. However, it is important to note that these come with lots of ads. Thankfully, for only $5 additional per month, you can get the ads free Live TV subscription.


Other channels, NBC affiliates, and excellent sports-streaming services that offer access to this game  are listed below

  • FuboTV
  • YouTubeTV
  • Sling TV packages
  • DirecTV Stream

How to watch Super Bowl for FREE on a Samsung Smart TV

This is the section that you all will probably be waiting for. Of course, there is an option to watch the Super Bowl for free. However, you will have to go back to the good old days of getting an over-the-air (OTA) antenna. This saves you the stress of the internet and browsing through the web.

However, with an over-the-air (OTA) antenna you will need to connect to the coaxial input on the back of your TV. The antennas come in various shapes and sizes and can either be indoor or outdoor antennas. After plugging the antenna into the back of your TV, you can then run a channel scan which will pick up any TV channel within broadcast range. Basically, indoor antennas have more coverage than outdoor antennas. Usually, an indoor antenna will pick up any station within a 25-mile range, while more advanced outdoor models often receive signals within 75 miles or more.

Best viewing settings for sports on a Samsung Smart TV

It will interest you to know that even with a big screen, if you don’t have the right settings, you may not get the true experience of the game. The best way to experience any game is to have the optimal picture settings. While some settings are perfect for gaming, others are more cinematic. So, that setting is best for the Super Bowl 2022?

A direct answer to the question above is “Sports Mode”. Samsung’s Smart TVs, especially the big screens usually come with 4K resolution. These UHD offerings come with a built-in picture preset called Sports mode. This mode builds up the backlight and provides a very cool colour overlay over the images. Furthermore, this mode improves the motion clarity settings of the TV.

However, due to the “Soap Opera” effect, sports mode may not suit you. Thus, it is better to try out this setting before game day to see if it suits you. To activate Sports Mode, go to Picture Settings > Special Viewing Mode.

However, if your Samsung TV does not have sports mode, other modes that are great for sports games are Cinema or Movie mode. If you have the Natural mode, it is also a great choice for sporting events.

Enjoy the game!

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