iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Pixel 7 Pro: Which one offers the best battery life

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Pixel 7 Pro
Source: PhoneBuff

While the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Pixel 7 Pro are two of the best smartphones available right now, they are very different. Despite the two batteries having roughly comparable capacities, one of them is far more durable.

Google’s Pixel 7 Pro and Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max were put to the test in an endurance test by Youtuber PhoneBuff, who specializes in smartphone comparisons. The Pixel 6 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max do not have the same autonomy, even if Google is able to produce a smartphone that is virtually as quick as its Apple rival.

In fact, one of the two smartphones clearly stands out in terms of battery life despite the excellent optimization that the two companies have made to their smartphone. Recall that the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery has only a 4323 mAh capacity, while the Pixel 7 Pro’s battery has a 5000 mAh capacity. You’ll see that having a larger battery does not always equate to having the best battery life.

The Pixel 7 Pro has a lower battery life compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Source: CNET

PhoneBuff‘s test attempts to mimic everyday use on both devices. Thus, the YouTuber opens a number of apps on both smartphones, including Spotify, YouTube, as well as the Camera app to take some pictures and videos.

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The two smartphones have both lost roughly 10% of their power after an hour. But none really stands out from the other. The iPhone is doing significantly better after two hours, having lost only 5% of its battery this time. The two smartphones’ performance gaps grow as the test goes on. Without any particular application particularly to blame for a sharp decline in autonomy on either one.

The Pixel 7 Pro runs out of battery at the end of the test. While the iPhone still has 21% autonomy. The iPhone 14 Pro Max reached its maximum battery life of 11 hours and 44 minutes. Whereas Google’s smartphone only lasted 9 hours and 41 minutes. Therefore, there is a big gap in autonomy. Nevertheless, we should keep in mind that the Pixel 7 Pro isn’t doing too poorly. And its performance is similar to the majority of its Android rivals. Additionally, there is a $200 price difference between the Pixel 7 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone costs more than its Android competitor ($1,099 vs $899).

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