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Origem HS-3 Giveaway: enter and win a pair now!

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Giveaway! 2 winners wanted for 2 Origem HS-3 Smart Earbuds!

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Giveaway! 5 winners wanted for ALLDOCUBE’s F40 quad driver headphones!

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Here’s your chance to take home a free 6GB RAM matte black UMi Plus E smartphone!

Huawei has slowly climbed up the ranks of UK’s smartphone market. They’ve even managed to build up a fanbase, as can be seen from their latest announcement.

Here’s your chance at taking home of the ten accessories and gadgets worth $200!

Geotel A1

Here’s your chance of taking home a free water- and shock-proof, IP67-rated Geotel A1 smartphone! Click to participate, instructions inside.

Doogee F7

It’s a fresh new year, and what better than to celebrate it with a giveaway? You guessed right, we’re giving away a flagship phone — the Doogee F7!

Homtom wants to wish you merry Christmas with 3 activities that could get you some free stuff, such as Homtom smartphones, Chinese traditional presents and …

If you’ve ever wanted to get a taste of wearable technology without spending too much, here’s your chance at getting some for free!

Time to make one rugged phone lover happy, because our giveaway event for the Nomu S20 ended so it’s time to announce the winner. Once …

Cubot giveaway

Cubot is celebrating their successful year with a sweet New Year’s giveaway. Here’s how you can try your hand at it!


It is our pleasure to make one reader happy on Black Friday today, because we have the winner chosen for the UMI Diamond giveaway. This …


Our giveaway train is about to have yet another stop and this time it will be something for the rugged phones lovers. The giveaway piece …


UMI giveaways are back with vengeance and this time you will have a chance to win some shiny brand new UMI Diamond model. Rules are …


Fire the cannons, the announcement for the big Elephone giveaway is here. We are pleased to inform this time we registered almost 200 valid giveaway …

Here’s your chance at taking home some free tech goodies ahead of the long holiday season!


From one giveaway let’s jump quickly to another one and this time we will be choosing three lucky winners for some pretty interesting Elephone products. …