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Smart wearable products are very popular despite the maybe overly big expectations of the analysts and the smartbands are slowly getting more and more ground …

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It’s probably not needed to introduce the No.1 company, because the chinese gadget maker is well known for tons of smart wearable products. It could …

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No.1 G6

After the G5 No.1 launched a few months back. The company is coming up with a new smartwatch, probably the No.1 G6. Let’s find out more.

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First wave of the smartwatch boom is probably behind us and while the chinese manufacturers are slowly catching up with the product quality, there is …

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It’s been a while since some news from the No.1 company and today we finally have something from their kitchen again. It’s a video about …

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Chinese manufacturer No.1 is famous for their machine gun like production of the smart wearables and their latest piece released is the D6 smartwatch model. …

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Chinese company No.1 is best known for their neverending machine gun production of phone clones and tons of various smartwatches. Another one being spewed out …

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Chinese maker No.1 is well known for spewing their smartwatch models in frantic pace so it comes as no surprise that another model No.1 D6 …

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No.1 G4

Just a few days ago we have published our review of the No.1 G3 smartwatch and seems like the frentic pace of the Chinese maker …

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It would be unfair to say that Chinese wearables have come a long way. The market has been pretty much stagnant with gimmicky “smart” watches, …

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No.1 have added an extra layer of customisation to their G3 smartwatch allowing users the ability to complete design their own watch faces.

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No.1 have zeroed in on a Samsung wearable once again for inspiration for their latest wearable. Wearable (and rugged phone) maker, No.1 have released a …

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no.1 a10 rugged smartwatch

No.1 were one of the first to merge Android and the rugged phone, and now they could be using that same knowhow to release their first rugged smartwatch.

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No.1 have released a video of an earlier production version of their Android powered No.1 D5 Android smartwatch with full Android 4.4 ROM.

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no.1 d5 smartwatch

No.1 take the smartwatch concept one step closer to being phone independent with the new No.1 D5 with built in 3G and WIFI.

no1 d3 wearable

No.1’s D3 wearable looks like and boasts features like most other budget wearables but this $22.99 smartwatch also packs a built-in call feature.

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no1 $20 smartwatch

No.1 are working on a new smartwatch that will cost only $20 once it goes on sale through resellers. These leaked photos are the first glimpse of the low-cost wearable.

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Smartwatches should be “smart” (after all, that is why they’re called “smart” watches), but that isn’t often the case. When form and function clash, form …

The No.1 S3 smartwatch has the looks of the Huawei Watch but bests the Android Wear watch in functionality.

No.1’s focus on the wearable market has produced 3 new watches. The new S3, D1 and K2 watches are introduced in the following promo video.

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