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bluboo uwatch

Bluboo now have 2 wearables promised for launch later this year, the newest being the Bluboo Uwatch.

Bluboo pit the Bluboo Xtouch against the iPhone 6 and OnePlus 2 in fingerprint unlock speed and accuracy test.

Bluboo are claiming that their Bluboo Xtouch is the first smartphone to use 3D printing to produce a 3.0D curved rear shell.

This week we have received a few new links to various videos aiming to prove the strength of upcoming and current Chinese phones. It got us wondering, how would you test the durability of a Chinese phone?

bluboo xtouch

If you fancy getting your hands on the latest Bluboo Xtouch and taking a crack at reviewing the phone you could bag the handset at only $99.

If you’re looking for a smartphone with some serious display protection, you may want to consider the Bluboo Xtouch. In the latest drop test video, …

bluboo xtouch

Bluboo have released the official pricing details for the standard version of the Bluboo Xtouch.

bluboo xtouch

Bluboo, like most phone makers, are cracking down on security with the addition of a fingerprint scanner. The feature on the Xtouch will support the usual security features in addition to App locking.

bluboo xtouch

Bluboo Xtouch news today tells us that the new phone has had a increase in internal memory, will feature a unique SIM tray and also shows us another early spy photo of the device.

Brace yourself for more wearable news with the announcement that Bluboo are launching a new smartwatch named the Bluboo Xwatch.

bluboo xtouch aircel

Phone fans of India can rejoice once again as another Chinese phone maker confirms it will officially launch its latest flagship in the country.

bluboo xfire pro

Bluboo are set to follow up their budget Xfire with the a Bluboo Xfire Pro model that will be a pure Xiaomi Mi4C rival at a lower $169.99 price point.

takee 1 3d

We’ve compiled a list of top 25 Chinese phones that bring price and functionality together.

bluboo xfire

Bluboo have been promoting their low-cost Xfire this month and have now shared real photos of the device with a few more hands on details.

Can a $50 phone really compare to the iPhone 6 when it comes to camera quality? Bluboo believe so and have put together a camera comparison between the 2 devices.

The Bluboo Xfire is already an extremely budget-friendly device on the pockets, and now, Bluboo’s back to make it even more affordable than before. Bluboo …

bluboo x550

Bluboo has confirmed that some early production models of the Bluboo X550 phone suffered from SD card issues, and that those problems have now been solved.

Chinese phone makers like to ensure they have orders before pulling the trigger and manufacturing a new device, but Bluboo are so confident in the Xfire that they are offering it with immediate shipping.

bluboo x550

Bluboo are rolling out a new OTA that, among other things, fixes issues users had with the front camera.

bluboo xfire

If you are waiting for the next wave of budget phones to go on sale the Bluboo Xfire is obviously one to look out for. Here are more details along with a short promo video.