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Bluboo S1

With the start of the presale for the highly anticipated Bluboo S1 model on July 10th the chinese manufacturer just announced a stratetegic cooperation with …

MGCOOL are producing so many accessories that they do not know how to name them anymore. Thus they are now asking to you, customers and …


MGCOOL Wave bluetooth earphone’s presale officially kicks off today over at Banggood. You’ll be able these affordable earpieces for just $16.99; if you’re interested you …


MGCOOL have recently got into the bluetooth earphones business with their latest MGCOOL Wave, which are said to be specifically designed for high quality audio …

MGCOOL WAVE Bluetooth Earphones

MGCOOL are taking a break from releasing action cameras and are actually set to launch a pair of sport-oriented Bluetooth earphones, which will go by the …

Elephone bluetooth earphones

Elephone have been working on different products segments in the last years, we have action cameras, power banks, headsets and bluetooth speakers like the EleBox. Today, they …


Newest addition to the dodocool audio product lineup is already available in the market and the sporty in-ear are now selling for few days with …

xiaomi selfie stick

Today Xiaomi added new product to their list. This time we received third version of Xiaomi Selfie Stick. Comparing to previous models, this one costs …


The EleBox, a bluetooth speaker we’ve already talked about on GizChina, is finally on sale. Read the article to know more about it!


If you are not China-based then probably the name Wang Feng doesn’t ring any bells. But this chinese rockstar and music authority is also a …

Black Friday is looming over us, but you don’t need to wait until next week for the shopping rush, you can pick up some great …

Xiaomi has gone and announced a brand new headset, the Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset. So how does Xiaomi’s first bluetooth headset fair?

altec lansing bombproof speaker

Altec aren’t a Chinese brand but they do source their range of rugged speakers form China, and are the first Bluetooth speaker I have seen survive a bomb blast

ado m3 speaker review

Bluetooth wireless speakers are a must have accessory for Summer, and with a huge 1800mAh battery the ADO M3 would make your perfect audio companion.

Huawei’s TalkBand B2 wearable/Bluetooth headset hybrid is now being sold at an attractive price of US$135 shipped.

oppo b002 bluetooh controller

2 days ahead of the Oppo N3 launch date, the 2nd generation bluetooth controller for the rotating camera phone makes a stop at the FCC.

Xiaomi breaks the shackles with the launch of an all new-game controller!

Sony’s SmartBand Talk just went live at the ongoing IFA in Berlin, with a 1.4-inch e-ink display among other specs.

Marvell isn’t as often talked about as say Qualcomm or MediaTek, but the fabricator just took a shy at the headlines thanks to a recent release; a 64-bit quad-core mobile chipset.

Have you been pouring over the latest Android phone specifications and discovered the term Wi-Fi Direct and wondered what it is? Then this is the place to be! Keep reading what Wi-Fi direct is and how you can use it.