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Doogee S95 Pro modular rugged phone review

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Online reseller Lightinthebox brushed up their Doogee stock and is offering two new models, which surely wont ruin your wallet. First one is the updated …

Budget phones are generally still getting budget amounts of internal memory, but not the new Doogee Y300 which will now ship with 64GB option too.

doogee y300

Doogee have switched things up recently with their Flag F7 and P1 Projector, but they are still making budget phones too and their newest is the Doogee Y300.

doogee P1 projector hands on

We came hand to hand with the Doogee P1 at MWC this year, now the device is on presale at an intro price of just $169.

doogee f7 pro antutu

Back at MWC we didnā€™t get to see a working version of the Doogee F7 with Helio X20 chipset, but the company claims that the phone is still in development and have released Antutu results.

doogee P1 projector hands on

Doogee had a few itms on show at MWC (despite not having an official booth, but one of the most interesting was the Doogee P1 Projector.

doogee f7 hands on

It’s been a very busy day (you can probably tell by the lack of updates) but I managed to get my hands on a few things I can show you (and some I can’t yet) like the latest Doogee flagship.

We unbox and go hands on with the budget Doogee X6 Android smartphone in this hands on video.

doogee x6 pro android m

Doogee are updating a few of their phones from the cheap and cheerful Y200 and Y300 to other models like the $100 Doogee X6 Pro.

Doogee’s first wearable is actually more like a mini smartwatch for your wrist and has support for mobile networks and even a camera. We’ve seen …

mwc 2016

The tech calendar is full of shows, but the first big one for Chinese brands (at least the smaller ones) is MWC in Barcelona. Here are some of the top phones to look out for.

letv le2 helio x20

Chinese phone makers are fighting over who will launch the world’s first Mediatek Helio X20 phone. Who do you think it is going to be?

doogee flag f7

Doogee are set to wow MWC show goers this year with the launch of new phones including the Doogee Flag F7 with new 10-core processor for $169.99. More details below.

doogee s1

Doogee will be taking its first tentative steps in to the wearable market this year with their Doogee S1 smartwatch, so what features can we expect?

doogee f7 helio x20 2k phone

Doogee posted a press release today for their purported Doogee F7 phone which could be the first Helio X20 phone and boast 2K panel and force touch.

doogee x5 russia

Russian phone buyers apparently cannot get enough of the Doogee X5, with the company shipping 20,000 units every month!

doogee t6 specs

Doogee have released the full specifications for the Doogee T6 big battery phone along with pricing of around $140.

top 10 sub $100 phones

If you are working with a tight budget for the holidays but really have an Android smartphone in mind then take a look at these …

doogee y300 hero

Doogee will launch a budget phone by the end of this year sporting Android 6 out of the box. Here are details of the Doogee Y300.

black friday deals

We’re sure there are plenty of great Black Friday deals going on this weekend, and here are just a few that have been shared with us.