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CHUWI LapBook Plus coming soon with 4K resolution and dual SSD slots

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SongQi F6C

The SongQi F6C is a laptop that looks like a MacBook, and runs Windows 10. For once, it’s powered by a potent chipset from Intel!

Jumper’s EZBook Air is a nice clone of the 12″ MacBook. Starting at $289, this device reigns supreme in portability. Check out the Jumper EZBook Air review!

The Jumper EZBook Air is a MacBook copy. Check out the Jumper EZBook Air unboxing, hands on and first impressions at GizChina!

The Predator 21X is a laptop with a gigantic 21-inch curved display, a full mechanical keyboard and a dual Nvidia GTX1080 GPUs. Got your attention yet?

xiaomi mi book air hands on

I just received the all new Xiaomi Mi Book Air laptop at my home and simply cannot wait to show this little laptop off. Check the Mi Book Air hands on and first impressions below.

The Mi Notebook and Mi Note 2 are two of Xiaomi’s upcoming devices that seem to have everyone excited and eager for their launches.

The Xiaomi laptop saga looks to finally be coming to a final chapter with new purported images of the device showing a sleek alloy bodied …

For those of you who like to follow rumours you will already know about the possibility of a Xiaomi laptop, but could this mould finally …

Voyo Vbook V3

Looking a lot like the latest convertible laptops from Lenovo, the Voyo Vbook V3 comes in a bright orange case, Windows 10 and a stylus.

xiaomi laptop

The rumour that Xiaomi are working on a laptop have been floating around for almost a year now, now new details have emerged detailing what …

Rumours of a Xiaomi laptop go back years and were even laughed at by Lei Jun during the Xiaomi Mi3 launch way back when. For whatever reason the rumours have endured though and it’s now expect a launch is planned for 2016.

Xiaomi is renown as a smartphone and tablet manufacturer, but should it step into the laptop market already?

51Cube has announced its new two in one PC/Tablet combo featuring Intel’s Bay Trail CPU and Windows 8. While the release date and price are still unknown, most of the device’s specs have been revealed.

What do you get when you mix a computer and a cell phone? A Smartphone. But what do you get when you mix a smartphone …

Lenovo, the well-known consumer electronics biggie from China, has more than a reason to rejoice. The manufacturing giant, operating in more than a handful of countries, has reported record sales of 4 devices per second for its second fiscal quarter, which ended September 30, 2013, with every figure from market share to revenue headed north!

According to reports, China’s Cube, a manufacturer who shot to fame with their RK3066 powered U30GT dual-core tablet PC last year, are now on their way to releasing their first Intel-powered laptop.

Huawei’s new UltraStick is an SD which lacks any memory but packs a 3G punch.

Prefer your tablet to come in Windows 8 flavour? How about a 11.6-inch Windows 8 tablet from China’s Julong electronics company?

Xiaomi are growing and diversifying their range, however is a Xiaomi laptop really in the works?