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no.1 m2 rugged phone

No.1 have sent over a couple of videos of their latest rugged smartphone the No.1 M2.

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no1 m2 rugged phone

No.1 have made the switch from clone makers to rugged phone suppliers, the latest in the lineup being the 4.5-inch M2 with Android 5.0.


If you are after a rugged smartphone with half decent hardware then the $225 No.1 Xmen X2 is one to consider.

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After suffering a leak not much long back, the Forte avatar of the uber popular Motorola Moto G finally went official.

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In a comedy of errors, an apparently IP54 certified smartphone went dead during a demo by Archos’ own CEO!

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Rugged Android phones are usually rugged, ugly, low-spec and running an outdated version of Android. The new Archos Quecha isn’t though!

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We’ve been waiting a good long while to finally see Gionee’s carbon bodied flagship Android phone, and here it is at the Mobile World Congress. Keep reading for more photos and details.

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Lenovo have really stepped up their game and have moved from bland phones to the type of phones people can really get excited about. The …

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If you, like me were totally uninterested in the above title until you came across ‘Rugged’ then congratulations you are as awesome as I am!

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If you are out in the mountains, remote area or just forgot your charger. Having a flat cell phone battery can be a serious inconvenience, …

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We’ve heard some bold claims over the years, but a mobile phone that can withstand the power of an earthquake!? That’s got to be right …

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