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ulefone future presale

First seen at MWC in Spain, the borderless Ulefone future is now listed on sale for $269.99. What do you think of this pricing for the specs.

Ulefone will launch a more advanced version of their upcoming Ulefone Future bezel-less phone with 4GB RAM, 128GB memory and powerful Helio X20 chipset.

ulefone future on screen buttons

Ulefone have confirmed that their bezel-less Future phone will have on-screen virtual keys and that a custom Cyanogen ROM will be available for it.

ulefone future antutu

The bezel-less Ulefone Future has taken a spin an Antutu, well at least one of the prototype versions of the phone has, and has a score of 51,000 points.

ulefone future cnc chassis

Ulefone have taken a few photos of the metal body of the Ulefone Future to show the CNC machining of their latest phone and some of the molded parts.

ulefone future hands on

Ulefone have revealed the final full specifications of the Ulefone Future after showing the device at MWC last week.

ulefone future hands on

The Ulefone Future, one of the only bezel-less phones ever produced, is on show at MWC 2016 here’s a hands on video!

ulefone future side fingerprint scanner

Ulefone’s upcoming bezel-less flagship phone, the Ulefone Future, will be officially be making an appearance at MWC.

ulefone future side fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanners usually live on the rear of the phone, or on the chin, but a few brands have moved the security feature to the metal chassis of their phones like Ulefone.

Ulefone show us the Helio P1o powered bezel-less Ulefone Future in a hands on video.