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Upcoming audio centric smartphone Ulefone Vienna is one of the most expected and hyped gadgets arriving in April and everybody is of course curious also …

Ulefone Vienna

Raw horsepower is not something often associated with the upcoming Ulefone Vienna phone, usually the first hopeful words hovers around the promised HiFi capabilities. But …

Chinese maker Ulefone officially annouced their participation in Hong Kong based Global Resource Exhibition happening mid April and will be presenting all the new models …

Ulefone will launch a more advanced version of their upcoming Ulefone Future bezel-less phone with 4GB RAM, 128GB memory and powerful Helio X20 chipset.

Ulefone Vienna Audio Test

Ulefone have posted another video of their Vienna smartphone once again highlighting the audio quality of the phone.

ulefone vienna presales

In the time old tradition of pre sales, Ulefone today started theirs for the Vienna phone offering the device at $169.99, rather than the full retail price of $199.99.

Ulefone are working to launch their first audio-centric phone to market, and what better way to show their progress by testing their phone against a Vivo device?

ulefone future on screen buttons

Ulefone have confirmed that their bezel-less Future phone will have on-screen virtual keys and that a custom Cyanogen ROM will be available for it.

ulefone future antutu

The bezel-less Ulefone Future has taken a spin an Antutu, well at least one of the prototype versions of the phone has, and has a score of 51,000 points.

ulefone future cnc chassis

Ulefone have taken a few photos of the metal body of the Ulefone Future to show the CNC machining of their latest phone and some of the molded parts.

ulefone vienna hifi phone

Ulefone have revealed the final hardware parameters for their audio-centric Ulefone Vienna phone read them all here.

ulefone vienna

At MWC, Ulefone released that the audio-centric Ulefone Vienna would ship with 2GB RAM and MT6753A chipset, but the company have decided to up the RAM and up spec the CPU slightly.

ulefone power hands on

According to Ulefone’s latest post, their Power smartphone has been a major success with 350,000 phone sales so far. It’s quite common to see impressive …

ulefone vienna

Previously known as the Alpha, the Ulefone Vienna promises to be an audio centric HIFI smarpthone. Smartphone makers are looking at different aspects of their …

ulefone future hands on

Ulefone have revealed the final full specifications of the Ulefone Future after showing the device at MWC last week.

ulefone future hands on

The Ulefone Future, one of the only bezel-less phones ever produced, is on show at MWC 2016 here’s a hands on video!

First real photos of the first bezel-less (?) phone from Ulefone, the Ulefone Future!

ulefone future side fingerprint scanner

Ulefone’s upcoming bezel-less flagship phone, the Ulefone Future, will be officially be making an appearance at MWC.

ulefone new design

With the Chinese New Year out of the way, Chinese phone makers are gearing up to release all new models, what we didn’t expect though is this latest design from Ulefone.