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Sunle S4 first ever Samsung Galaxy S4 knock-off

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2013′s flagship smartphones have been out just a few months, but that’s plenty of time for Chinese manufacturer Sunle to announce the Sunle S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 knock-off! Knock off Android phones aren’t as common as they once were in China. However, while most brands are hard at work carving our a niche for themselves […]

Exclusive: HDC One HTC One clone coming April 1 for $160

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hdc one

We’re seeing some pretty amazing clones today. First there was the No. 1 mini Pad, and now we have the first look at the HDC One, the world’s first HTC One clone!

The No.1 mini Pad is an amazing iPad mini knockoff with quad-core processor, 2GB and phone function!

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no 1 mini pad ipad mini clone

Finally an Android powered iPad mini knockoff we can happily go out and buy! The No.1 mini Pad packs features the real iPad mini won’t have for generation (if ever) and it’s launching very soon! While we at Gizchina are stern Android phone fans, we all agree that the iPad mini is still one of […]

Neken N5 is another HTC Butterfly clone but with a higher spec and lower price!

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neken N5 htc butterfly clone

Chinese phone makers are just getting in to make their own versions (clones) of the 5-inch HTC Butterfly. First their was the Star S5, and now there is the Neken N5, but with a lower price and better spec the Neken N5 get’s our vote. Neken are either teaming up with other phone manufacturers and […]

Leaked photos of White Star S5 Butterfly posted

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white star s5 butterfly

The Star S5 Butterfly is a low-cost HTC Butterfly clone which costs less than half the price, but still manages a decent quad-core specification! Previously only a black and red version of the phone had beed seen, but new spy photos show it will soon be available in white. Packing a quad-core CPU, 1GB RAM, […]


Star S5 Butterfly is a quad-core HTC Butterfly clone rocking Android 4.2

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star s5 butterfly quad-core phone

Chinese Android phone maker Star have released the quad-core MT6589 Star S5 Butterfly phone, but rather than producing an all new an unique design have chosen to clone the HTC Butterfly.

GooPhone already preparing Galaxy S4 clone

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goophone i4 samsung galaxy s4 clone

Chinese knock-off phone maker, GooPhone are reported to be working on an all new Samsung Galaxy S4 clone known as the GooPhone i4.

Ramos launches the Mini Pad and Android iPad mini alternative

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ramos mini pad ipad mini clone

When it comes to tablet design, the iPad mini is one of the best looking and easy to handle out there, it’s just a shame it runs iOS! Fortunately Android tablet maker Ramos have their own version of the iPad mini called the Mini Pad which runs Android! iPad mini clones are just starting to […]

The FAEA F1 is a Meizu MX2 wannabe with quad-core CPU and NFC

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faea f1 meizu mx2 clone

The FAEA F1 is one of the first great looking NFC equipped phones from a Chinese phone maker! Shame it also happens to be a Meizu MX2 clone!

Daily deal: GooPhone launch the GooPhone i5S a low-cost iPhone 5s clone!

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goophone i5s Android iphone 5s clone

Last year China’s GooPhone managed to beat Apple to the punch with the iPhone 5 and actually announced it’s clone of the new phone before Apple. History is repeating itself once again as the GooPhone i5S clone is already on sale!

GooPad mini rival the No.1 Mini Pad packs 3G and stylus

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goopad minipad

No.1 have announced their GooPad mini rival and iPad mini clone with 7-inch display, built-in 3G and handwriting recognition.

5.8-inch Galaxy Note 3 Clone get’s SPen and quad-core CPU for $240

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galaxy note 3 clone jajapad

Chinese phablet maker Jajatong, have listed their quad-core, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone with Spen stylus as available to purchase from their online store from just 1499 Yuan ($240). Jajatong’s website is full of Galaxy Note clones, but the Note 3 is their largest, and best spec’d of the bunch. Specification highlights include a 5.8-inch […]

Quad-core GooPhone i5 2 rumours begin

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goophone i5 2 quad core

The GooPhone i5 is quite simply the closest you can get to buying an iPhone 5 without actually buying an Apple phone, best of all it runs Android! If only it was a little more powerful!

Quad-core Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Clone with 5.7-inch display

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5.7 inch samsung galaxy note 3 clone hero

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hasn’t even been launched yet, but that hasn’t prevented China based, Century Electronics Group, from manufacturing a quad-core MT6589 equipped clone! Clones of Samsung Galaxy Note phablets are ten a penny here in China. Some aren’t worth the plastic they are shoddily slapped together from, while others like this Note […]

GooPad Mini spy photos show dual-sim stand by and 3G built-in!

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goopad mini spy photo hero

Is the GooPad mini real was it all just an elaborate hoax? These are questions we were beginning to ask until these GooPad mini spy photos turned up! The GooPad mini has been the stuff of legends ever since it was announced last year. The $99 Android tablet, could be the perfect answer for those […]

The GooPhone One is a HTC One (aka M7) clone from China!

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goophone one htc one knock off

We only have 3 more days to wait until we finally get to see the first official details of the HTC One (aka the HTC M7), but this hasn’t stopped Chinese clone maker GooPhone jump the gun and show off their HTC One clone named the GooPhone One!

The Cubot A6589 is a quad-core MT6589 Galaxy Note 2 clone available now!

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cubot a6589 mt6589 phablet

We have been waiting for Zopo and THL to launch quad-core MT6589 versions of their phablets for months but has the Cubot A6589 beat them to it?

Another Goopad Mini Spotted could it be the real deal?

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Screenshot from 2013-02-08 23:15:54

The GooPad Mini S is an all new Android powered iPad Mini Clone, but will this knock-off ever see the light of day?

An inside look at a Xiaomi knock-off den!

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knock off xiaomi den

We’ve covered counterfeit Xiaomi phones on a number of occasions, and have been surprised by the authenticity of a few. I’ve always wondered though if these clone makers ever get caught and judging by these photos they do

JiaYu G5 leaked image reveals iPhone styling

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jiayu g5 leaked image

The JiaYu G5 is a phone which is going to hit headlines for all the wrong reasons, as the Chinese start-up have decided to base the phone on the iPhone 5 design, but with larger 4.5-inch display! Jiayu’s decision to give the G5 an iPhone 5 appearance is a very odd move, as their current […]