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Ramos K1 is a 7.9-inch HTC One Max look-a-like!

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ramos k1 tablet

Popular tablet manufacturer Ramos aren’t generally know to be a purveyor of knock-off designs, so what is going on with the Ramos K!, HTC One Max wannabe?

$99 GooPhone 5C iPhone 5C Clone to launch in September

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goophone 5c iphone clone

Chinese clone maker GooPhone are at it again with news claiming that they will be ready to launch a GooPhone 5C iPhone 5C clone in September!

OrientPhone S4 Advanced, the ultimate Chinese Samsung Galaxy S4 alternative?

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orientphone s4 advanced

A 1080 display, 2GB RAM, 32GB memory, dual SIM support and powerful 1.5Ghz quad-core processor could make the OrientPhone S4 Advanced the ultimate Galaxy S4 alternative.

No.1 N3 phablet gets Samsung Galaxy Note 3 styling!

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no1 n3 samsung galaxy note 3 phablet

Chinese manufacturer No.1 have grown tired of waiting for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, so have launched their own tablet with N3 styling and built-in stylus.

Taiwan get’s its own Xiaomi knock-off

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gmate g2000 xiaomi knock off

Xiaomi’s popularity has spawned a number of know off phones in China, and now clones of the high performance handset are showing up in Taiwan.


Hands-on with a couple of Android iPad mini clones at Sino CES

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android iPad mini clone

Sino CES has attracted companies from all over China, and it didn’t take us long to come across a couple of Android powered iPad mini clones.

Basic Bear, a budget iPhone inspired Android phone or an impersonator?

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basic bear budget iphone clone

Over the past few hours a number of sites have posted details of the alleged budget iPhone caught on camera, is it the real thing or viral marketing for a new Chinese Android phone?

Xiaomi Mi2s youth spy photo, shows refreshed design

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xiaomi mi2 youth leaked

While we wait and see if Xiaomi will actually be launching a $276 Xioami Mi2s Youth will launch later this month, leaked photos of the new handset hit the web.

Knock-off JiaYu G4 costs almost double the price of the real thing!

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knock off jiayu g4 hero

This knock-off JiaYu G4 available in China claims to have the same specifications and the G4 Advanced buy costs almost double the price!

N0.1 S6 Real photos plus hardware details

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no.1 s6 samsung galaxy s4 clone

Yesterday we reported that Chinese phone maker No.1 were planning to launch the No.1 S6, now we have photos of this Samsung Galaxy S4 clone along with more hardware details.

No.1 S6 Galaxy S4 clone rumoured to get Floating Touch and Smart Pause

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no.1 s6 samsung galaxy s4 clone

The No.1 S6 5-inch phone from China won’t be a normal Samsung Galaxy S4 clone, but will actually offer similar features to the flagship Korean model!

NFC equipped FAEA F1, aka Meizu MX2 clone sales being today

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faea f1 launch

Looking like a cross between the Meizu MX2 and Xiaomi M2s, but costing less than half the price and sporting NFC, our guess the FAEA F1 is going to be one touch phone to get hold of! Chinese phone sites are going wild with excitement over the FAEA F1 which will be officially launched later […]

Fake Dr. Dre Beats headphones cost just $3 in China!

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fake beats headphones china

Before ordering a shiny new pair of Dr. Dre Beats headphones from China you had better check they are the real deal as knock-off versions are showing up online from as little as $3!

HDC One HX9299A HTC One clone first real photos and specifications

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hdc one htc one clone

Even before the launch of the HTC One we reported Chinese phone makers were working on their very own clone and here is the first! The HDC One a HTC One clone from China! Original reports spoke of a Goophone manufactured HTC One clone, but it is actually HDC who have been first to launch […]

Orient N9500 is a quad-core Samsung Galaxy S4 wannabe with quad-core chip and 5-inch display

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orient n9500 samsung galaxy s4 phone

Chinese phone brand Orient might not be the most famous, but that is likely to change as their latest flagship model happens to be a fully loaded Samsung Galaxy S4 look-a-like! In the past Chinese phone makers were content with producing a phone which just looked like the original, but as technology has advanced and […]

Goophone launch the ultimate Xiaomi M2s clone with 1080 display

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goophone 2s xiaomi m2s clone

Getting hold of a Xiaomi M2s is going to pretty difficult for the next few months, however you can still get a phone a lot like the Xiaomi M2S with similar spec but an updated 1080 display from Chinese clone maker Goophone. Xiaomi must be feeling pretty proud of themselves today, not for shipping 200,000 […]

No.1 P7 Mini Pad Android 3G iPad Mini clone with 2GB RAM on sale 18th April

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no1 mini pad

Forget the GooPad mini, The No/1 P7 mini Pad is THE Android powered iPad mini clone to buy! Awesome hardware, great looking design and a low $160 price tag! The launch of the No.1 mini Pad isn’t just great news for all of us wanting to buy a well spec’d Android tablet, but it also […]

Rumour: Lenovo K900 price $480 scheduled for April 17th launch

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lenovo k900 price

Low and behold it’s yet another much anticipated Chinese smartphone which still hasn’t launched yet. New rumours are suggesting that Lenovo will finally launch the Lenovo K900 on April 17th! We don’t know what is causing the hold-up but the K900 is one of the most talked about Android phones at the moment, which many […]

6-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega clone comes with Super AMOLED display

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samsung galaxy mega clone china

When it comes to Android smartphone’s it seems bigger is better, and not many Chinese Android mobiles get much bigger or brighter than this 6-inch Super AMOLED Samsung Galaxy Mega clone! It’s only been a few days until word of the 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega made it’s way in to headlines across the web, however […]

Daily Deal: Save $50 on GooPhone i5 iPhone 5 clone

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goophone i5 discount

For those of you who love the look of the iPhone 5, but can’t justify the price tag or the locked iOS eco-system then the GooPhone i5 is the obvious phone to choose, and now there hasn’t been a better time to buy one! We reviewed the GooPhone i5 a few months ago, and concluded […]