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Mediatek’s 64bit chips: Everything you need to know about the MT6795, MT6752 and MT6732

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mediatek hero

Mediatek have brought 64bit processing down to a point that everyone can enjoy the benefits, but just what are the differences between the MT6795, MT6752 and MT6732? Keep reading to find out.

Elephone P6000 price cut to $159.99, plus this code will save you another $10

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elephone p6000 benchmarks

Talk about passing your savings on! Elephone got in contact today to tell us that the second batch of P6000 will get a price cut and that they are offering another $10 off to GizChina readers.

Launched: Zopo Focus ZP720 is an all new 64bit Zopo Mid-range phone

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zopo focus zp720

Don’t get the old Zopo ZP720 mixed up with the new Zopo Focus ZP720, it’s an all new beast with all new features and alloy/glass design.

Mediatek planning 10 and 12 core chips for late 2015!

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A lot of people scoffed at Mediatek when they made their first 8-core processor, but soon ate their words. Will the same happen with Mediatek’s rumoured 10 and 12 core chips?

What we predict for Xiaomi’s January 15th flagship launch, and it is a flagship

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xiaomi prototype leaked

Here are our predictions for the Xiaomi flagship phone launch on the 15th January. Keep reading to hear why we think it’s an all new device, won’t be the Redmi Note 2 and how if we are wrong we will just be as excited.

Xiaomi Opera? Xiaomi will launch a new, lighter, bigger flagship, with HIFI audio

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xiaomi puzzle

So far Xiaomi’s teasers have pointed at something new, and that’s what we believe we are going to see at the 15th Jan event. Not a Xiaomi Mi5, or a new Redmi Note 2, but a new phone all together.

Mediatek MT6732 benchmarks are in, see how the 64bit Elephone P6000 Performs

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elephone p6000 benchmarks

Earlier today we received a couple of new phones for review, but the first to get the benchmark treatment is the 64bit MT6732 equipped Elephone P6000. Here is how it performs.

Polaroid in trouble with Oppo for Oppo N1 clone

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polaroid selfie

Polaroid, once the first name in instant camera tech, are now in trouble with Oppo after showing off an Oppo N1 clone at this past CES.

Huawei G628 is their first 64bit Mediatek phone

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huawei g628

Even with a portfolio of their own processors, Huawei have opted for the 64bit MT6752 in the new Huawei G628.

Meizu could launch a 5-inch m1 mini at the end of this month!

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meizu m1 mini

Meizu bosses promised last year that they would launch 4 new phones in a year, perhaps they meant the Chinese Year (which ends in Feb 2015) as the 4th phone in the range is rumoured to come at the end of January!

Bezeless glass panel from a future Nubia phone photographed

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Will 2015 be the year of bezeless smartphone displays? Some think it is a possibility with ZTE’s Nubia taking point.

JiaYu S3 silicone covers will come in a range of colours

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jiayu s3 cases

The JiaYu S3 is one of the most anticipated smartphones for 2015 and when it finally goes on sale will get a choice of tight fitting silicone covers.

Chassis of unreleased 5.1mm Xiaomi turns up at Chinese factory!

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xiaomi mi5

It’s been a day of Xiaomi rumours today and those continue in to the evening with images of the chassis from an unreleased Xiaomi phone in China.

Xiaomi’s Leadcore powered budget phone receives network license

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leadcore xiaomi redmi

Xiaomi are all up in the headlines today, now after receiving its network license for a new budget phone powered by a Leadcore chip and rumoured $65 launch price!

More Xiaomi Mi5 cases spotted in China confirm Xiaomi’s latest design

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xiaomi mi5 leak

More images of purported Xiaomi Mi5 rubber cases turn up on supplier sites in China, highlight a new design and features of the upcoming flagship!

International resellers begin to offer Xiaomi Redmi 2

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xiaomi redmi 2

Online web stores specialising in international phone sales are already offering the new Xiaomi Redmi 2 at $154.99.

Xiaomi Mi5 cases give us a rough glimpse at next flagship

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xiaomi mi5 case leaked

Silicone cases for the Xiaomi Mi5 show us a large phone with possible IR blaster.

More details of the Coolpad X7, costs less than the Meizu MX4

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coolpad x7

Has Meizu’s reign come to an early end? Cooled are hoping so with the 3 new Coolpad X7 phones costing from just 1599 Yuan.

Hands on photos and impressions of the No.1 G2 smartwatch

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no1 g2

No.1’s G2 smartwatch, also known as the Galaxy Gear wannabe, has been on sale for sometime and our sister site finally got some hands on time with it.

TV Box on the cheap, anyone? KitKat powered $10 TV boxes shown off

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Rockchip want to bring about a revolution with their latest $10 worth TV boxes.