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Chinese Engineer Builds Worlds First Alien Hotel

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chinese ufo hotel

Jin Fan, a 70 year old engineers from Liaoning Province, has long been a believer in UFO’s and alien life and actually formed the Dalian UFO Research Society way back in 1984.

Blogger Discovers Ancient Chinese ‘Angry Bird’

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ancient chinese angry bird

This mighty fine looking ‘space owl’ currently on display at Shanxi Museum is actually a 3000 year old drinking vessel from the late Shang Dynasty and is actually known as Xiaoyou.

Biggest Fossilized Spider Discovered in China

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biggest spider fossil found in China

Although I find the 8 legged insect munchers terrifying, I’m also fascinated about the hairy backed wall climbing horrors so news that the discovery of the largest known spider fossil was found in China both horrified and excited me!

Fake Beef Found in Chinese Markets and Restaurants

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chemical used to change chicken to beef

The Department of Industry and Commerce in Hefei, China have recently discovered a ‘beef extract’ that can be used to give chicken meat or pork the look and flavor of beef.

Sina Weibo Creating Virtual ‘Weibi’ Currency

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Sina is on a serious roll with it’s Weibo micro-blogging platform! The social messaging service has attracted people from all over the globe including celebrities like Tom Cruise, they have added English to the Weibo iPhone application and Gizchina will be joining soon!