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Oppo CEO posts first camera sample from the Oppo N3

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oppo n3

After a recent price exposure of 4,298 Yuan ($700), Oppo bosses have gone ahead and release more about the camera centric phone by way of a camera sample.

Confirmed: The OnePlus One has a 5.5-inch display!

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oneplus one screen

Just moments ago Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus announced the display size and resolution of the OnePlus One smartphone.

Video: Pete Lau interviewed, speaks about the OnePlus One and OnePlus in general

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OnePlus is what is going on in many a smartphone fan’s mind of late. Only recently, the company announced that their yet to be released OnePlus One will feature a 3100mAh battery along with a quad-core Snapdragon 800 that was announced earlier.

OnePlus One will cost less than $400

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oneplus one price

Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, has gone on the record saying that the OnePlus One smartphone will cost less than $400!

Epic Fail: ‘Water-resistant’ phone dies on Archos CEO during demo!

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epic fail

In a comedy of errors, an apparently IP54 certified smartphone went dead during a demo by Archos’ own CEO!

Pete Lau posts OnePlus One will cost less than $500!

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OnePlus logo

If you were looking for some great news to start of the day then Pete Lau, founder and CEO of China’s OnePlus has it for you!

Xiaomi invests $20 million in online gaming company

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xiaomi invests in online game company

Xiaomi have announced today that they have bought a 4.7% stake in Westhouse, Kingsoft owned online gaming company.

Oppo Enters Malaysian Market

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Oppo has sent out invitations to the Malaysian press for an event kicking off their launch in the country. They are suspected to be revealing the Oppo N1 for the Malaysian market there.

Motorola CEO admits a $50 smartphone is in the works

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motorola photon 4g,motorola android,motorola photon 4g review,motorola photon 4gpreview,motorola photon 4g specification

While we at GizChina have been drooling over the prospect of a $50 phone from JiaYu, the F1, another prominent maker has allegedly shown similar intent.

Video: Steve Kondik answers questions about the future of CyanogenMod and OnePlus

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oneplus cyanogenmod event beijing

At the start of this week we headed to Beijing to attend the OnePlus launch event where CyanogenMod CEO Steve Kondik took to the stage and answered a few questions here is the video from the event.

Xiaomi aims to double smartphone sales; Targets 40 million shipments in 2014

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xiaomi logo

Upcoming Chinese maker Xiaomi have set their target at 40 million shipments for the year 2014.

Xiaomi considering to work on modular phone similar to “Project Ara”

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project ara

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirms that his company have discussed the possibility of producing a modular phone system similar to Motorola’s “Project Ara”.

Xiaomi battery pack available in colours, including gold!

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xiaomi battery pack colour

Xiaomi’s hottest item this month isn’t the Mi3, or their router, but instead an $11 battery pack which we can reveal will come in a range of colours!

“iPhone is Still King” Says Xiaomi CEO

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xiaomi lei jun

“[The] iPhone is still the best smartphone on the market” is a phrase Android enthusiast are probably tired of hearing by now. But it has a bit more sting when it comes from a more credible source, like Lei Jun, the CEO of the increasingly popular Chinese Android phone company Xiaomi. “For Xiaomi, there is […]

Xiaomi tease another accessory; Believed to be a Power Bank

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It’s now starting to be a routine for Xiaomi to tease one accessory after another. Not long ago, the company teased another device which later turned out to be a router.

ZTE Eyes wearable smart technology

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ZTE are currently the 5th largest phone makers in the world, and with the growing interested in wearable technology they hope to become number 1.

Xiaomi has sold 10 million M2 series phones in under a year

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xiaomi mi2s review

Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun has just posted on his official Weibo that his company has sold 10 million phones in just 11 months!

Ex Nokia CEO To create the Nokia Android phones we have always wanted

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Ex-Nokia CEO, Thomas Zilliacus, has formed a new brand named Newkia and plans to built the Nokia Android phone we dreamed of but never had.

Xiaomi now a $10 Billion company!

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xiaomi lei jun

To think that Chinese phone start-up only began shipping phones in 2010 its amazing to learn today the company is already worth $10 Billion!

Xiaomi’s Lei Jun Confirms 5th September event

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xiaomi annual event

Last evening Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun jumped the gun a little and announced that Xiaomi will be holding its annual event on 5th September.