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iPhone 5 Grey Market Prices Set at $1500 in China!

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The iPhone 5 was only unveiled (officially) yesterday, yet Chinese iPhone smugglers are already taking pre-orders for the newly launched Apple phone!

Foxconn workers live in ‘prison cells’ while making iPhone 5!

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The iPhone 5 is here! It’s lighter, thinner and more powerful, but it isn’t all that spectacular or magical unless of course you consider the price tag of the base model! The new iPhone 5 will sell for a cool $720 in Hong Kong which happens to be significantly more than the amount of money […]

Meizu MX wins ‘Trendy Phone Award’ in Hong Kong

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Meizu’s march in to the international market is doing very well as the Zhuhai based Chinese phone company have just become the first mainland Chinese brand to win a Hong Kong fashion award!

How To Root The Meizu MX Video

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how to root meizu mx,meizu mx android phone,how to root meizu video

The dual core version of the Meizu MX has been out for a while, and as such has finally been graced with a hack to bring full root access to the Chinese smartphone. Full video and instructions on how to root the Meizu MX after the jump.

MEIZU announces the world’s first smartphone with the quad-core Exynos A9 CPU

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buy meizu mx quad core android ics 4.0 phone

MEIZU today announces the brand new MEIZU MX Quad-core smartphone to be available in June this year. Among many surprises, the MEIZU MX Quad-core is the first smartphone in the world to use the brand new and powerful Exynos A9 quad-core processor.

Meizu Releases ICS Android 4.0 Public Beta for M9 and MX: Download

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meizu m9 android 4.0 update,meizu m9 spotted running ICS,ics on meizu m9,android ics meizu m9,ice-cream sandwich on meizu m9

Just as promised Meizu have released a public beta of Android 4.0 ICS for the Meizu M9 and MX Android smartphones.

New iPad Scalpers Waiting for Launch for $13 a day!

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scalpers in hongkong wait for the new iPad to smuggle in to china

Scalpers waiting outside of Apple’s Hong Kong flagship store have been told to leave by Apple staff and security, but are reluctant to leave as they may not get wait the $13 they are owed!

New iPads Fetch $1600 on the Chinese Grey Market

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the new ipad is already on the grey market in china

The new iPad officially goes on sale today and lines of Apple fans and iPad scalpers are already outside Apple stores waiting to buy the new iPad, but if you don’t want to contend with the crowds you could always head to the grey market.

Apple Not Happy With Early 4G LTE iPad Review!

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the first review of the new 4g ipad upsets apple

We have no idea what has happened to Apple and it’s secretive grasp of it’s new products but first we had this unboxing and brief hands on video with the new 4G iPad, and now we have 2 more new iPad videos with comparisons thanks to Hong Kong based tech magazine PCM!

Forget Raspberry PI How About Android on a Stick!

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android on a stick raspberry pi rival from china

Following on from the success of the Raspberry PI a Hong Kong based electronics group have produced their own “Android on a Stick” uPC device which can turn you existing TV or PC monitor in to an Android based computer!

New iPad Available in Hong Kong 16th March No Date set for China

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the price and relase date for the new iPad in hongkong

As usual China seem to be the last to be invited to the Apple knees up! This time around Chinese Apple fans on the mainland will be left waiting to get the newest version of the iPad!

iPhone 4S Smuggled in False Bottom Shoes!

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chinese iphone 4s smugglers strap iphones to their bodies

Smuggling Apple products from the tax haven that is Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland is nothing new, but these smugglers are creating newer and more inventive ways to beat the authorities.

Hong Kong Meizu MX will be rooted, cost less, have improved camera

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Meizu mx launch date,buy meizu mx,meizu mx specification,meizu mx international,meizu mx quad core,quad core android phone

Jack Wong, Meizu’s CEO appeared online at the Meizu forums today answering questions about the companies latest Meizu MX smartphone, and the differences between the Chinese mainland model and the ‘International’ Hong Kong version.

Meizu MX Details Officially Released 1st January Launch Confirmed

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Meizu MX launch date 1st January 2012

Good new news and bad news Meizu fans! The bad news is the Meizu MX isn’t going to be available later this month (big surprise there then!), but the good news is that you only need to wait until January before getting your hands on Jack Wong’s latest baby! Oh and there is more bad […]

Meizu Launching ‘International’ Version of Meizu MX in January!

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meizu mx android china,meizu mx hong kong,meizu mx quad core phone

Meizu are planning to launch 2 versions of their upcoming Android smartphone, the Quad-core Meizu MX. While Chinese mainland customers will be able to buy the Meizu super-phone later this month, gadget fans in Hong Kong will be able to get their hands on an new ‘International MX model at Meizu’s soon to be opened […]

All iPhone 4 Sold Out Across China!?

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iphone 4 8gb china picture,iphone 4s launch china

I wanted to write ‘All iPhone 4’s Sold Out Across China!?’ but the ‘S’ is quite confusing and those of us living in China haven’t had an official launch of iPhone 4S! As people queued up and fought in line on the 11th November in Hong Kong to get the new iPhone 4S, people living […]

iPhone 4S Already Sold Out in Hong Kong!

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iphone 4s hong kong sold out

The much anticipated Hong Kong launch of the iPhone 4S has been and gone, and as you would expect the latest iPhone has already sold out! It was reported that more than 3000 Apple fans, and scalpers, were waiting outside Hong Kong’s flagship Apple store earlier this morning, but only the first 1250 people were […]

Over 3000 People Are Waiting For The iPhone 4S in Hong Kong!

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police guard the apple store in hong kong to prevent violence at the iPhone 4s launc

The iPhone 4S officially goes on sale in Hong Kong tomorrow morning at 7am, but the excitement, suspense and carnage already started last night and seems to be continuing today.

Gang Violence Breaks Out Over iPhone 4S At Hong Kong Apple Store

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iphone 4s launch hong kong violence

It’s not a secret to anyone that the iPhone 4S will officially go on sale in Hong Kong (11th November) at 6am, but what may surprise you is the extent some people will go to to get their hands on the iPhone 4S, which has been available elsewhere for a month already. Last night fights, […]

China Unicom Giving Away Free iPhone 4’s!

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iPhone4 price drop,free iphone 4,china unicom free iphone 4

With the iPhone 4S’ launch just around the corner on 11th November (in Hong Kong at least) mobile carriers are offering great deals on the older, but still damn good, iPhone 4! China Unicom, are currently offering the newly released 8GB version of the iPhone 4 for a slightly cheaper 3999 Yuan ($630), but if […]