iPhone 4G Clone Looks Like Gizmodo’s!

It  hasn’t taken the cloning crowd long to take Gizmodo’s infamous iPhone 4G pictures and specs and turn them in to real live iPhone knock-offs!

As you can see from the pictures the device looks very similar to the prototype phone gadget blog Gizmodo reportedly paid upwards of $5000 for!

Instead of the prototype’s glossy black finish this clone has gone for a nice whith apparel white a nice square edgy feel to it. It also has 2 more face buttons than the iPhone, a call and cancel button located either side of the ‘home’ button.

Specifications and price are still unknown, but we do know it has dual sim card slots, a replaceable battery and a front and rear facing camera, meaning it will also run on China’s new and increasingly popular 3G network.

Overall it looks good, but that O.S needs a serious spit and polish!!

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[Source M8cool]
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