Marty Mcfly’s Nike Hyperdunks Get Knocked Off

Being an avid fan of Back To the Future I’ve always fancied getting myself a pair of Marty Mcfly’s Nike Hyperdunk basketball sneakers with those awesome “Power laces”.
There have been a few companies out there who have actually tried to recreate the power lace design, but there style drops the ball when it comes to looking 1980’s optimistic futuristic*.
Another option would be to buy the original sneakers which are soon up for auction, however $15000 seems a bit steep for a rather tatty looking pair of shoes. I could try and get hold of a pair of limited edition Nike Hypedunk’s that were released in limited numbers (about 100 pairs) a few years back, but at a couple of $1000’s a pair they still seem a bit much.
Luckily for me however I happen to live in China (something which I’ve just been reminded of by the sudden explosion of fireworks!!) and here everything and anything can and will be copied.
That’s right I’ve found myself a pair of fake Nike Hyperdunk 2015’s on the net. Best of all they only cost about $35!! Guess who ill be dressed like this Halloween!!
*I’m copywriting the phrase “1980’s optimistic futuristic”!

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