130 Dollar 1:1 iPad Clone

Most of the Android based tablets coming out of China have a very iPad look to them. Some of the tablets are just unfortunate enough to be coming after the iPad and as such get labeled as ‘knock offs’, but others well and truly deserve the title.
This Shenzhen made tablet is almost a 1:1 clone of the iPad. The screen is a 9.7 inch resistive unit with a large black bezel and home button, like the iPad. The casing is alloy look, rounded on the back just like the iPad. And the sides of the unit house a single mono speaker, volume rocker, rotate lock switch, and power/standby button, again just like the iPad! There’s even a 30 pin dock connector!
Even the outdated Android 1.5 O.S has been totally revamped to give it an iPad iOS look.
But there are a few areas where this clone differs from the the original such as the micro SD card slot on the same edge as speaker, oh and there isn’t an Apple logo on the back! That’s it! from the outside you’d really be hard pressed to tell this clone from the real thing.

Under the hood we can see some big differences such as the O.S being very outdated (as mentioned above) and a very modest 400MHZ CPU running things. There is also 2Gb of built in storage and 256mb of RAM.
These very modest specs aren’t going to set the world a light, but they’re more than up to the job of running Skype, flicking through an e-book, or sending some emails. Another plus  of the low specs is the price. Expect to pay around 850 Yuan for this little tab once it’s released which is roughly $130!

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