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Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G Wonderland Artist Limited Edition in Collaboration with James Jean Announced

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Honor 50

Honor has started its journey as a separate brand earlier this year. However, we can say that the Honor 50 series were the determinant step …

Oppo launched the vanilla Oppo Reno 4 and the Reno 4 Pro back in June in China. Both the smartphones packed in an interesting quad-camera …

Huawei P30 Pro in Limited Edition with a Swarovski Crystal Case

The Huawei P30 Pro appears to be one of the fanciest phone out in the market. A couple weeks ago we did indeed check out …

The dying Taiwanese phone maker has launched a new variant of their 2018 flagship; HTC U12+ Mayday Limited Edition. While the phone is precisely the same …

OnePlus took to YouTube India to tease the upcoming OnePlus 6 Avengers Limited Edition variant. The teaser throws light on the design of the limited …

Good old Samsung loves opportunities for limited edition devices. Just like the Iron Man edition devices from a while back, Samsung is now back with a brand new model. This time around in partnership with Vodafone, Samsung has a very different target audience.

The first 37 customers of the OnePlus 5T Star Wars LE will be getting a star named after them. OnePlus has teamed up with Star Register …

Leagoo T5

With the Leagoo moving into the big international spotlight being the sponsors of the Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur, it was only a matter of …

Doogee Y6

Valentines’s Day is aside the usual discount and sale events a perfect opportunity to release some special or limited editions of your phones. And looks …

A limited edition Meizu MX3 will be released soon featuring the black face of the regular phone and the silver bezel of the white MX3.

white xiaomi redmi

We first spotted the white Xiaomi Redmi months and months ago, even before the phone had an official English name! Finally it’s here, but as a China exclusive only for now.

Android game systems are growing in popularly this year and even Chinese giant Huawei have a model on offer, but it was the Ouya that started it all which can now be bought as a 16GB device,

We’ve recently been witnessing a multitude of phone releases with support for more than just one operating system. Prime example would be OPPO’s N1, which ships, albeit in a limited edition, with the CyanogenMod OS apart from the stock ColorOS.

The Oppo N1 may already been on sale internationally, but fans of CyanogenMod will be excited to learn that the CM Edition Oppo N1 will go on sale on the 24th December.

We had seen rumours about a Oppo N1 Pepsi edition earlier this week, but thought the news couldn’t possibly be true, turns out it is!

Xiaomi have created a limited edition of 500 Xiaomi routers which ship in a fancy wooden case and require user assembly, watch the video here.

Oppo will be launching a limited edition version of the Oppo N1 with CyanogenMod installed right out of the box!

Xiaomi’s Hongmi smartphone is taking China by storm, but even at such an attractive price some customers are not happy by the lack of accessories but this limited edition model with soon solve that.

Online store Oppomart are holding a great giveaway with the prize being a limited edition red Oppo Find 5!

Oppo are expanding the colour range of their flagship phone and will soon be offering a limited edition Oppo Find 5 in red.