Top 5 Sony Clones This Year (So Far)

We’ve seem some excellent looking Shanzhai (fake,clone) products this year from a whole host of companies trying to imitate the most sought after gadgets and gizmos, but out of all of them it’s the Sony knock offs which really grab our attention.
Here are our top 5 Sony clones for this year (so far) 4 of the listed are here for being genuinely good looking high quality products (despite the fake branding) and one is on the list for the sheer cheek of it!

13.3 Inch Vaio Laptop Clone

The only give away to this fantastically priced and well spec’d laptop not being a genuine Sony Vaio laptop is the fantasy model number printed on it! If the company responsible had slapped a real model number on it, you would really find it difficult telling it from genuine.
Full specs and photos of this 1500 Yuan ($225) Sony Vaio laptop clone can be read here.

Sony Handy Cam HD-65 Clone

This knock off Sony Handy Cam HD-65 caught our attention back in August due to its HD quality video capture, 5 mega-pixel still camera, packaging and price.
Read full details of this $150 Handy Cam clone here, complete with sample still shots.

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Sony Vaio TT Clone

Another Sony Laptop clone, but this time a 12.1 inch screened model. The manufacturers of this copy state it has taken 2 years from them to successfully produce a TT clone, and looking at the appearance it seems like a worthwhile wait!
The branding is all Sony as is the packaging, but the 1500 Yuan price tag is distinctly Shanzhai.
Full specifications and more photo of the Vaio TT clone can be seen here.

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Sony PSP Phone Clone

Although not really imitating the real PSP Phone as well as the other Sony clones do in this list, the PSP Phone clone has made it on as it was released on sale only a matter of days after official photos of Sony’s planned PSP Phone were published!
It gets a 2 mega-pixel camera and built in NES emulator and costs around 400 Yuan.

Full details and photos of the Sony PSP Phone clone here.

Sony Vaio P Clone

Although not the only Vaio P clone on the market (here’s one, and another) this was one of the first to get on to shelves. Power and specification wise the clone can easily hold it’s own against the genuine Vaio P model, but does so at a fraction of the price.

Vaio P clones start from 1500 Yuan rising to 3000 Yuan. Full details can be read here, here and here.

With over a month left to the year lets see if the Shanzhai crowd can surprise us with more Sony knock off electronics.
What do you think of our list? Did one of your favorites not make it? Leave a comment to let us know.

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