Use Skype For Android Over 3G! Download Link

Skype is awesome for keeping in touch with friends and loved ones when living in different countries, unfortunately Skype won’t work over 3G AND if your living in China, you won’t be able to download Skype for your shiny new Android phone!

But never fear, turn that frown upside down and download this here APK! More after the jump!

One clever hacker has managed to hack out favorite online communications application to run over a 3G network as well as WIFI (as it was intended), best of all though is the smart updated Skype graphics the hacker has placed in the APK file, which feature a pirate droid.

If you fancy some Skype action, on 3G and in China download this APK straight to your Android device from the link below:

Download Skype for 3G here.

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