iPad 2 Launches Today! What we Expect and Hope To See

iPad 2 launches todayThe iPad 2 has been a pretty cunning little device and has managed to stay well below the radar (unless those wedgie mock ups are anything to go by). Within the next few hours we hope to see the next Apple tablet announced, but what will it offer over the original iPad? and more importantly, what will it offer over the entourage of Android Honeycomb, or 3.0 tablets that are hitting shelves?

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There are a few things that we are pretty sure the iPad 2 will get such as;

A Facetime camera: This is a no brainer! The fact that Apple are pushing their video chat software on all their latest iPods, iPhones and Macbooks (Pro’s and Air’s) makes the inclusion of a front facing camera a given, but don’t be surprised if it can’t take photos without a jailbreak!

  • A thinner design: With the advent of the iPad only newspaper and the fact plenty of other publishers and media types are likely to jump aboard the bandwagon it make sense the iPad 2 will be both thinner and ….
  • Lighter: The new iPad is bound to be lighter! Not only will a lighter weight Apple tablet be more portable, but will also win over those few customers who decided against the first iPad due to its considerable heft.
  • Stereo Speakers: Yup, you probably forgot the current iPad is a mono beast so a simple upgrade to stereo seems more than likely.
  • Better battery life: The Macbook Air’s get a 30 day standby time, so the iPad 2 with less power and a simpler, less power hungry O.S and with the addition of liquid metal, the iPad 2 should see at least that.
  • Faster CPU and more RAM: at leas a dual core 1.2 Ghz CPU with 1gb or RAM.
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Then there are the additions we would like to see such as;

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  • SD card reader: this would be a great edition and those iPad 2 covers that have been all over the web seem to show one, but we think this is a long shot.
  • Retina display: this would again be great, but the prices would be to high. iPad 3 perhaps?
  • Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt has just made its appearance on the latest range or Macbook Pro’s, but will the iPad 2 get this top of the range data transfer hardware?

And finally there are things we don’t expect to be announced on the iPad 2 such as;

  • Rear camera: The iPod touch had to wait a few years for a rear camera and that’s a perfect camera size! The chances Apple will turn the iPad 2 in to a 10 inch screened camera are pretty slim.
  • 3D: Although 3D is all the rage at the moment it seems to gimmicky to make it on to an Apple device, at least for now anyway.
  • 4G: Verizon has the iPhone and Verizon has 4G, but how many Verizon subscribers are able to make use of that super fast data connection? Not many! So don’t expect 4G this time around.

Well what ever Apple have in store we only have to wait a matter of hours to find out what the iPad 2 can and can’t do!

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