HP Revamping It’s App Market

No matter how much we love our Android phones and tablets, we really deep down inside feel a little ashamed of the Android market. The applications in the market aren’t the problem though, its the Market Application itself!
Why are Google able to build the best search engine for the web, but can’t produce a decent browsing/searching experience for the Android market is beyond us.

Gizchina News of the week

Now, just to rub salt in the wound we’ve just discovered that HP are planning to revamp its market to make it easier and more enjoyable to search and browse!
Sure you will only be able to browse through a few 1000 applications rather than a couple of hundred thousand found on our Android devices, but the user experience looks top notch!
The new UI for the WebOS 3.0 market features 2 very innovative and much sought after features. One is the ability to flick through the WebOS app catalogue in a magazine style browser, while the other the ability to bookmark apps so as to make it easier to download them at a later date or easier to find and compare them.
Although the Web OS tablet, the HP Slate, won’t be available for a little while yet, we might see the new market implemented on Palm’s (HP’s) smartphone in the coming weeks.

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