$100 iPad 2 Clone Hits Stores

white ipad 2 knock off ChinaThe iPad 2 clone ball is rolling, with this, the second clone to hit the market for an incredible $100!

Unfortunately, we don’t have any screen shots of the Android based knock-off, but we have learnt a little about this $100 clone’s specification such as:

  • The body is an ultra this 9.9mm plastic unit.
  • CPU is an 800mhz VIA 8650 model, and there’s 256mb RAM on board also.
  • Internal memory is 4GB.
  • Android 2.2 O.S.
  • 9.7 inch resistive (boo) screen with a resolution of 800×600.
  • Front and rear cameras.
  • SD Card reader.
  • Support for an external 3G unit.

ipad 2 knock off gets sd card readerThe overall dimensions of this iPad 2 wannabe are 205 x 157 x 9.9mm and the weight is a impressively low 479g, with a 2800mAh battery.
As you can see from the picture white models are available, as are black.

ipad 2 clone available running android 2.2We will bring you more details as and when we get them.

Via: Shanzhaiben

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