7-inch Eurostar ePad Android Tablet with 3G

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Android ePad tablet from Eurostar and Zenithink


Eurostar have joined up with Zenithink to release a new 7-inch Android tablet with 3G connectivity and wi-fi.

Although the tablet will be manufactured and available in China and other markets around the world, the Eurostar ePad has been specially designed for Arabic speaking nations and is being touted as the ‘first Arabic-enabled Android tablet’.
Like other tablets the 7-inch, white, Eurostar ePad will make use of all the current applications available through the Android market and 3rd party app stores, but will also have specially designed translation applications for translating English to Arabic and vice-versa.
On the hardware side of things the screen is a 7-inch capacitive unit with a resolution of 800 x 480, the CPU is clocked at 800mhz and there is a built in, front facing 1.3 mega-pixel camera which can be used for video calling and conference calls.
Pricing is expected to be around the $150 price mark.

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