iPhone 4S Arriving in Hong Kong 11th November

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The iPhone 4S’ staggered world wide launch continues on 11th November, when the latest iPhone will officially go on sale in 15 more countries.

The 4S is expected to arrive on sale in Hong Kong, South Korea, Albaniea, Armenia, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, and Romania.

A launch date for the Chinese mainland has yet to be set, but it is widely thought the 4S will be available in Apple stores from December.

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However, if you are in China and can’t wait for the official launch you do have a few options to get an iPhone 4S.

The grey market is currently selling the iPhone 4S from as little as 5500 Yuan ($856) which isn’t far off the expected retail price, and more than half the original asking price for a smuggled in 4S.

You could also hope over to Hong Kong on 11th November and grab yourself an iPhone 4S from the only Apple store in the territory, that is if you can bare to stand in line for hours, as Honk Kong Apple fans have already shown their determination to wait when hordes of people were spotted waiting for the iPhone 4S to launch last month even after being told it wouldn’t be available!

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