Commemorative Steve Jobs Android Tablet Is Sure To Catch The Attention of Apple!

steve jobs android tablet china

Update: Full specification of the ‘Commemorative Steve Jobs’ Android Tablet.

Living in China and reporting on gadgets, we get to see our fair share of unofficial merchandise from Chinese manufacturers. These ‘knock-offs’ can range from fake iPad 2 smart covers, to complete replicas of iPhones of even Macbooks!
Sometimes though a Chinese made gadget crops up which combines the ancient Chinese art of the knock off with a complete lack of consideration for the law and copyright infringements, and this ‘Commemorative’ Steve Jobs Android tablet is a perfect example!

Not only have Shenzhen Lingyun, the company behind this 7-inch Android tablet, made a tablet which resembles the look of the iPhone 4 and 4S, but they have gone the whole hog and place the image of the late Steve Jobs on the screen and are marketing it as a ‘Commemorative Steve Jobs Android Tablet’!

Not only is the idea of a ‘Commemorative Steve Jobs Android Tablet’ an oxymoron, but it is also pretty disrespectful to the memory of the Apple founder!

The tablet itself is a fairy normal 7-inch Android tablet, which can be found branded as the LY-F-4S, features a PV210 processor, 512M memory, 4G storage, built-in Bluetooth, WiFi, front facing camera.

In the past we have also come across an unofficial ‘Angry Birds’ version of the Wopad V7 Android tablet, and we have heard rumors of a ‘Plants Vs. Zombies’ model heading for stores soon too!

Update: Full specification of the ‘Commemorative Steve Jobs’ Android Tablet.

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