Black JiaYu G3 Spy Photos JiaYu Asks Fans to Decide on colour!

JiaYu don’t seem to be any nearer launching the Jaiyu G3 quad-core Android phone, as the Chinese phone maker seems undecided over the exterior design and are asking fans to vote for which they prefer!

While earlier this morning I believed the quad-core dual-core JiaYu G3 could launch within the next month or so, the Chinese brand just managed to prove me wrong by seeming to be still undecided over the external appearance of the new phone.

Up until now most of the spy photos and leaked images of the Jiayu G3 have shown an alloy bodied phone with flat back and large 4.5 inch IPS Gorilla Glass display, however just this morning JiaYu have posted photos of an all black model with a curved back.

It also seems that this black model is made of a black plastic material rather than the stylish brushed alloy which might be an attempt to drop the retail price of the G3 to below the expected $250 mark.



According to this report the colour of the next generation JiaYu is ‘in your hands’ and fans of the phone have been asked to vote on which colour and design they prefer. This is the second time that JiaYu have proven they really want to make a phone their customers want as they have also asked fans to design and suggest features for the G3’s replacement the Jiayu G4!

Which do you guys prefer? The black plastic body or the brushed alloy option?



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