5 inch Beidou Chi or DaKele? Which would you choose?

The Beidou Chi (previously known as the 5 inch Beidou Little pepper) goes on sale today (13th November) at the low price of just $160! But which would you choose between the Beidou Chi and 5 inch DaKele (big cola)?
UPDATE: The DaKele 2 aka Big Cola 2 has been spotted with quad-core MT6589 CPU. Details here!

Beidou have just entered the very hot 5 inch Android phone market with their all new Beidou Chi phone at just $160. The Chi isn’t the only phone of this type and at this low price in China though as the hugely popular dakele (Big Cola) is priced similarly.


From looks alone though the Beidou Chi 5 inch phone get’s my vote. However when looking at the hardware which would you choose between these 2 low cost 5 inch phones?

If you are looking for a phone like this it is obvious the large screen is the main selling point for you so let’s start there. The 5 inch display on the Beidou Chi boasts IPS technology for an all round great viewing experience and has a resolution of 960 x 540, which is fine for this price and the same as the Big Cola’s screen.

Where as the Big Cola has just 2MP and 5MP fore and aft camera’s the Beidou Chi sees a much better 8 mega-pixel rear camera, but the front is a 0.3 unit. The Chi also losses points in the battery dept. too as it has a 2000mAh unit while the Big Cola has a 2450mAh battery.

Bothe the Beidou Chi and DaKele have Android ICS 4.0 as standard however the ROM in the DaKele has Baidu cloud integration built in, which won’t be a deal breaker for most international buyers.

What could be a deal breaker though is the 512MB RAM in the Beidou Chi when compared to the 1GB of RAM in the other phone.

The rest of the specs are similar with both phones offering built in GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, light sensors and LED flashes for the rear camera.

Personally I still prefer the Beidou Chi over the DaKele even with the poor RAM. Which would you choose?

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