Exclusive first look at the new 5.7 inch Zopo ZP950!

Exclusive first look at the new 5.7 inch Zopo ZP950!


We all new that Zopo were working on a new flagship phone but we didn’t now what this new phone would look like or the specifications. Well that is until today when we received these first hands on photos and specification details!

The new Zopo phone is officially called the Zopo ZP950 and as you would expect from that name, it is the bigger brother of the current Zopo ZP900!

While we don’t have all the details yet, what we do know is the Zopo ZP950 is a 5.7 inch Android phone with a resolution of 1280 x 720. Unlike original rumours the new phone won’t be a quad-core device but instead a dual-core MT6577 unit with 1GB RAM.

zopo zp950 leaked photos

Like the ZP900 it will replace in the flagship role, the ZP950 also features a rear 8 mega-pixel camera, 2 mega-pixel front  camera and dual-sim support, but will come equipped with some nice updates including a larger battery and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as standard.

zopo zp950 leaked photos

Our sources over at Zopomobileshop were nice enough to send over these photos and specifications, and inform us that they are preparing to list the ZP950 to buy very soon!

We’ll have more details and a full review of the 5.7 inch Zopo ZP950 once are review unit arrives!

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  • gapinho

    Cheap stuff, does not convince me. Why buying a 5.7″ phone with mid-end HW platform? Except for a low price, which is not known by now, is it?

  • brekete

    highly disappointed…zopo promised to uprade the zp900 to android jelly bean…also zopo900 already has 1g ram version and a good screen resolution.as far as I’m concerned this is just zopo900 with a little bigger screen…nothing more…they should have made it a quadcore

  • sere83

    Yeah, DOA unfortunately. The SGX531 is just too old a GPU to even consider investing in anymore what with the Quad core MTK chipset just around the corner, with the infinitely more powerful SGX544 and less power consuming cortex A7 cores. To put it in context the SGX531 was first introduced in 2006. A six year old GPU is just not going to give you a great user experience especially on a 720p display.

  • ThinkOutsideTheBox

    Can these phones even fit inside of our pockets?

    • teja

      we need to stitch separate pocket for keep the phone !! i love phone with 4.5 under 1cm slim

  • Rodrigo De León

    What a letdown…

  • Val Mast

    This is a real turn off. Most companies are using the new quad cores. We were expecting a full-hd screen, quad and 2GB RAM. This is just a zp900 with bigger screen. It just won’t worth the rumored price tag of USD $256

  • Dave Weinstein

    This is NOT the device we’ve been waiting for. It’s just a refresh of ZP900.

    I think you guys should stay on point and keep pushing for the MT6589 quad core phone that we know is creeping towards release.

  • DavidM

    Disappointing. Besides its just too big.

  • Agb

    We are waiting for this mobile in India


  • Steve

    I currently have the ZP300 single core and it runs very slow and locks up. I was waiting for this Quad Core but now you guys tell us it’s a Dual Core what a let down. Get rid of your marketing department as they don’t understand what the public want and prepared to buy. I think I may buy a Samsung S3 Quad Core and forget about these Zopo Phones.

  • ubiratamuniz

    I wouldn´t want this. I´d rather have an upgrade of the ZP900 with a quad-core processor and 5.3 screen, and maybe (if possible) a better battery (battery is never enough 🙂 )

    • Airyl

      I just want a Zopo ZP100+ with the same Sharp screen and a dual core, but nope, they had to make a huge phone that doesn’t even have dual core. Although the price is kind of nice.

  • koc