Spy photos: JiaYu G4 leaked with specification and pricing!

Spy photos: JiaYu G4 leaked with specification and pricing!


JiaYu have a lot to make up for after the terrible launch of the G3, and it looks like they are placing all their bet on the new MT6589 quad-core JiaYu G4! Leaked photos, specification and pricing here!

With Christmas over and done with and the New Year fast approaching, Chinese phone fans can start to get excited over the new wave of quad-core MT6589 phones on the way and the JiaYu G4 looks set to be one of the first on the market!

As you can see from these leaked photos of the JiaYu G4, the design follows very closely to the leaked designs we reported on a few weeks ago. I personally feel the design of the JiaYu G4 is much nicer than the current G3, but know a lot of you guys aren’t so enthusiastic about it.

Compared to the G3 the JiaYu G4 is a very similar size but has a thinner profile and much rounder corners. The rear is also appears to be have a slight arch to it, and the rear camera has been moved from the centre to the top left hand corner.

Jiayu g4 leaked photosAlong with the photos came further confirmation that JiaYu will be offering 2 versions of the G4. A 10mm thick model will get a 3000mAh battery, where as a thinner 8.2mm version will have a smaller 1800mAh battery.

Other than the battery size the two G4 phones will receive the same 4.7-inch OGS HD screen, quad-core MT6589 CPU and are expected to go on sale for the same 999 Yuan ($160) as the dual-core G3 went on the market for!

jiayu g4 hands on photos

We are still waiting on confirmation that the JiaYu G4 will receive 2GB RAM and feature a 13 mega-pixel rear camera.

I also wonder if JiaYu will release a JiaYu G5 5-inch phone this year too so they can compete with larger phones from the likes of Oppo, ZTE and Umi?

JiaYu G4 Leaked photo gallery


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  • Valentin

    They may compete on paper launch

  • Putbinoot


    • Ahmadcentral

      Any phone using MTK6589 processor will support DC-HSPA+ on 2100Mhz band with maximum speed of 42.2Mbps

  • Mannaoz

    I think they have lost the plot. How can you market a new version when the old one is still locked up in a bungled mess. The Chinese industry needs to take stock of the product range otherwise it will once again shoot itself in the foot and lose all creditably in the International market place. Grefu is on instance of this.

  • Juliana

    If it comes with 2gb ram and with this price, I know I’m going to delude myself again. I’m already seeing this happen.

  • Xiaolu

    4.7-inch OGS HD screen, quad-core MT6589 CPU, 13 mpx cam & 2GB RAM for 999 Yuan? I’ll follow the news… With less specs it can gather a big community of followers around; really sounds interesting.

    Hope it hits the market, prices are just going too high for many people (say, like me).

  • Zopper

    nice, design looks similar for umi x1

  • abirjin

    Here we go again, leaks from Jiayu…………………… phone itself will be launched after a year

    • thesniper321

      LOL (but I think you’re right)

  • david

    that is a seriously tasty phone, i doubt we will get one for less than $200 delivered to u.k though.

  • will be announced in 2013 and will hit the market in 2014 or ’15? nice try, but i won’t wait again for a jiayu phone whatever the spreadsheets say :/

  • Kyan

    If this phone really is under $200, I wouldn’t mind waiting.

  • Gabri

    Naah, i’ll wait for the UMI X2, i prefer UMi istead JiaYu 😀

  • sickgrinder

    Loved the G3 but got rid of it for the simple fact that it does not work on 3g in the states, i thought i could live with that but Edge is just simply too slow. Why are none of these manufactures supporting our Band modes over here? The phones are crazy good and i bet they would sell alot in the states if people ignored the branding game that is played here.

  • Nice phone… but… it’s so big for me!! 🙁

  • tood

    Hi Andy,
    Can you give me the address of the company / factory jiayu. I want to contact them directly Their official website / e-mail
    Thank you

    • RobertNL

      The jiayu G3 went on sale for 899 Yuan instead of the 999 of the G4.

      Wade already anouched the higher price for new products this week on there forum as they had a profit per device but no opperational profit.

      Think that Jiayu did learn of the G3 so they will do a better job on the G4.

      • Juliana

        I hope so…

  • dref

    G4 confirmed, but when they will start selling it, I won’t bet a penny on a release date. I’m not looking at that kind of low cost phone at the moment anyway, oppo, huawei, zte, lenovo (change your phone designer team please) that’s the kind of brand who can deliver and have global capabilities, anything else is just buzzz and waste of money with very few exceptions. most of the time low cost mean less durable, less performance, less or no sw updates.

  • Tom

    I’m typing this on my G3 in UK, and I have to say the phone is brilliant however quad core would definitely make a small difference, I noticed a tiny bit of reduced fps in Need for Speed but otherwise an unbelievable buy. Sadly I had to wait 4 months for it to arrive so order your G4 half a year before you need it! Cost me £130 or about $190.

  • beeker

    Andi, when you mention the price is it a street price in China or price for us foreigners who buys online? If not what is the street-price in china since I may head over there next year..

    • Chinese price.

      • beeker

        Thanks for the answer! Then I’ll probably get this (if available) when I get there in March or April. It’ll probably cost like $220-240 from the online sellers, which isn’t that bad either though.

  • biaku

    when do you think this will come out andi?

    • I’m going to guesstimate June

  • gaius

    I hope this phone comes with dual sim card. If not, then it will not be worth it for me atall.

  • antonio

    I´d like to know the contact address (mail and other data) of jiayu manufacturer to contact with them