Android 4.1.2 Rom for JiaYu G2 (Single Core Ver.)

Android 4.1.2 Rom for JiaYu G2 (Single Core Ver.)


JiaYu just released the Android 4.1.2 firmware for G2 single core  version yesterday.

Due to the two different screens used in G2, there are two version of roms. Please check the software version before you upgrade your phone.



Change Log: Nil

Bug Known: 5MP camera was shown in hardware specification but it will not affect the quality of the photos.



Tools, manual and roms

Read the Manual before proceed !

JiaYu G2 Rom Flashing with Tools Manual (4.1.2)

English Ver.

(Directly Translated to English. Some steps were not given by JiaYu. I don’t know either)

Tools and Drives



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  • Felix

    is there also an official version for the g3?

    • Possibly we can have a check and post it.

  • Ariel Andrei Da Silva

    Você poderia fazer um vídeo e adicionar aqui ou então criar um próprio tutorial mais explicativo?? Esse tutorial japonês só me confundiu mas ainda!!

  • Airyl

    Hopefully JiaYu G3 gets it’s update soon.

  • Bart

    Any news on a 4.1 update for the dual core version of this phone? Thnx!

  • P.K

    Also interested in ability to install 4.1 to G3

  • felix

    hi there! any news concerning g3 and jelly bean? would be reallly great!

  • Ram

    I have the G2 dual core.
    Talking about ROM’s, I have a problem.
    When I’m trying to download some applications from the play store, like Whatsapp and Waze, I keep getting the message:

    “Your device is not compatible with this version.”

    My temp solution is to install the application’s APK, and it works.

    What can be the problem? What can be done?

    Thanks in advance.

  • hayta

    I can’t download the ROM. I downloaded tools and manual.

    is there any mirror?

  • Pedro

    Hi there. The links with the firmware don´t work, please help.