5-inch Lenovo S890 shown at CES

Lenovo have unleashed a whole brood of new Android phones on CES, one of which is the 5-inch Lenovo S890.

Lenovo look to be making a huge push in the Android smartphone market, and are beginning to look like force to be reckoned with, rather than the dull brand we know of yesteryear.

The new Levnovo S890, is the companies ‘youth’ targeted phone and boasts all the features younger, active phone users hold in high regard (well that’s at least what Lenovo are telling us).

A 5-inch 960 x 540 QHD display takes up the front of the phone and offers a large viewing area, while the lower resolution ensure prices are kept low and power consumption is on the low side.

Lenovo haven’t released details on the chip inside the S890, but as the phone isn’t targeted to international markets, we can safely assume it will be a Mediatek unit, possibly even the latest quad-core MT6589.

A rear 8 mega-pixel camera is the only other detail we know on the hardware side of the 9.3mm phone, which Lenovo describe as “sporting a uniquely elegant “loop” design that makes the product feel thinner and sexier.”

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