Jiayu G4 Full Specifications confirm 2GB RAM and 13 mega-pixel camera!

Jiayu G4 Full Specifications confirm 2GB RAM and 13 mega-pixel camera!


The JiaYu G4 will be the first quad-core Android phone from JiaYu, but rather than launching one model, 2 versions of this next generation smart phone will be launched later this year!

From previous reports we had already learnt that the JiaYu G4 would come in two models with varying body and battery sizes, however we now know that their will be further differences between to the two phones.

The standard edition JiaYu G4 will ship with 1GB RAM, 4GB of built-in memory, and a smaller 1800mAh battery.

The flagship JiaYu G4 will receive 2GB RAM, up to 32GB of built-in memory and a larger 3000mAh battery, which will also add 1.8mm to the phone making it 10mm thick.

Jiayu g4 leaked photos

Both versions of the JiaYu G4 will come equipped with a quad-core MT6589 1.2Ghz processor, 4.7-inch OGS Gorilla glass display, 13 mega-pixel rear camera, 3 mega-pixel front camera, a micro SD card slot and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

JiaYu are also claiming the G4 will receive an ultra-thin 2.9mm bezel, but the phone will feature dedicated navigation buttons instead of on-screen controls.

Full specification details of both JiaYu G4 models can be seen in the chart below.

 JiaYu G4 Standard EditionJiaYu G4 Flagship Edition
CPUMediaTek 1.2Ghz MT6589 quad-core.MediaTek 1.2Ghz MT6589 quad-core.
Built-in Memory4GB32GB (reported)
Screen size4.7-inch (PPI 312)4.7-inch (PPI 312)
Resolution1280 x 7201280 x 720
Display technologyOGS, Corning Gorilla GlassOGS, Corning Gorilla Glass
CamerasFront 3 mega-pixels
Rear 13 mega-pixels
Front 3 mega-pixels
Rear 13 mega-pixels
Android4.1 Jelly Bean4.1 Jelly Bean
Dual SimYesYes
SD cardYes (64GB Max)Yes (64GB Max)
Data connectionWi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPSWi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
Dimensions133 × 65 × 8.2mm133 × 65 × 10mm
Release dateN/AN/A
Price999 YuanN/A

There is no release date scheduled for the G4’s launch (which is good for JiaYu) but prices have been hinted at with the standard G4 going on sale for 999 Yuan ($160)!

JiaYu G4 image gallery:

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  • alien

    i’ll rather see standard version with larger battery, i guess this second version will be overpriced for me.
    hm, but, knowing JiaYu i have almost 2 years to get the money for it.

  • sam

    If only it had a 5″ 1080p display, would have been perfect then.

    • xxx

      No. It would be awful then. You don’t need 1080p. Even 720p for 4,5 was a little to much and perfect for 4,7. You won’t be abble to see pixels with somewhat close to ~270ppi anyway. And with 1080p it would just add to the cost, would be useless, you’ll expirience a lot of problems with apps (since even now atleast half of them still not adapted to even 720p properly) and will have lower perfomance. 4,7 @ 4,7 is ideal. And it’s even a little smaller than G3!

      Also: ANDI, I think it says(on jiayu forum) you will be able to select battery capacity for both models. It’s not like 2GB+3000 and 1GB+1800, but there also would be 1GB+30000 and 2GB+3000.

      Source: http://bbs.ejiayu.com/thread-401870-1-1.html

      • xxx

        And you have 8 mp in you table instead of 13, fix this.

      • XrainX

        Good post! 1080p is useless for such a small display and even for larger displays. But if they offer 1080p for the same price of 720p then is not a problem/

        Also I hope until release date to have Android 4.2.
        My next MT6589 smartphone must to have Android 4.2 because of Miracast support.
        Two months ago I wanted a smartphone with HDMI, but when discovered that Mediatek and 4.2 have Miracast support I decided to wait until 4.2 will be available on some 4.7 inches smartphone. If not 4.7, maximum 5 inches but for sure not bigger. I have now a 5 inches smartphone and also 6 inches one and I am sure 6 inches is too much and 5 inches is at the limit. For me.

    • adit

      I agree. I have G3, nice phone good screen. But my next phone will be FULL HD only, either on 5″ or on 4.7″ ( there is a rumour that some company will make a Full HD 4.7″ screen). I compare the screen on my Jiayu 4.5″ to another phone 4.7″ with the same resolution, and I can say that there is a visible difference in the sharpness.
      I will pass G4 and will look for something else, but I’m not in a hurry.

      • thesniper321

        Only the quality of the screen allows you to see some differences, didn’t you read what is above you?? You can’t see the difference on such small screen The human eye can’t do that.

        • sam

          not true, the human eye can see around 400ppi, a 1080p screen on a 5″ is around 440ppi so you can see nearly all if not all.

          • thesniper321

            Sam please.. PLEASE, check your source twice before speaking. YEAH the limit of the human eye is around 400ppi, BUT to see the difference you need HUGE SCREENS, I’m talking about 55″ not those 4-5″ on the phone we get. your eye won’t make any difference between 720p, 1080p and 540p, on devices with smaller screens than your hands, THIS IS JUST RIDICOLOUS. http://reviews.cnet.com/720p-vs-1080p-hdtv/ an article from 2009 unless we humans evolved at an amazing space it’s still true nowadays and until we die! Look at the side by side comparaison on 50 inches tv
            I’m starting to get sick of people who only bite the hype but never think about the facts.
            1080p on 5″ device?? BULLSHIT

  • Hursty

    And when are we going to see this phone ? Most likely june!! It’s Just like most Chinese phones theses days they seem to announce the specs 6 month’s early then the phone never appears ! Xiaomi m2 oppo 5

    • Xiaomi M2 can be bought easily now, and Oppo Find 5 will be in stores very soon 😉

  • -Carlos-

    Wow I really want this Phone!!!! I Hope to get the The flagship Edition 🙂

    • sam

      I hope they make a version with the larger battery and 2gb ram without the 32gb storage as i don’t need storage but i want the larger battery and preferably more ram.

  • Darren

    Oh…this make Jiayu G3 (which I am going to purchase) looks so outdated…ah….how to chose?

    • Easy, both are good phones. If you need a phone right this second go for the Jiayu G3. If you don’t need a phone till say June time, then start saving some more money and buy the Jiayu G4 when it comes out.

      No matter which you buy both are good and will work very well. Obviously G4 is better spec but it’s not out yet and the premium model will cost slightly more than G3 current prices/

  • denny

    i stil find anything above 4-inch pretty awkward to use. the g2s will probably the last jiayu 4-inch we’ll ever see =(

  • Yep

    It would be support wcdma 2100mhz, right?

    • yes likey

      • cpurage

        Andy, the question is difficult, not only WCDMA 2100 mHz, the question is, does all of those MT6589 are configurable from WCDMA band specification manner, because I’ve seen MT6577 which are supporting only 2100 or supporting 850/2100, or supporting 800/850/2100, or 900/2100 or the best one 850/900/1700/1900/2100 frequencies? I can provide you screenshots from the MTK Engineer Menu mode where can you find the supported frequencies if you want ! Now for me is important the phone to support 900/2100 mHz WCDMA (HSPA), but now they are saying only 2100 WCDMA and this is disadvantage, my old Nokia N82 from 2007 have only 2100 mHz 😀 so ANDY please if you could, create a New whole post about those frequencies and the most important question, IS THE WCDMA/HSPA+ BANDS ARE CONFIGURABLE BY SOFTWARE OR THEY ARE PREDEFAULTLY AND NOT CONFIGURABLE IN THE MT6589 CHIP !

  • YaPeL

    I miss the z10 design :p, and hope the premium version doesn’t get too priecy, also, would love to see some samples of the camera and some gpu benchmarks to see how it compares in real life to other solutions

  • lukis

    Andi, I think you are wrong! There is not text that the 1800 mAh battery is the Standard Edition or 3000 mAh battery is the Flagship Edition in the JiaYu-table (just like Dimensions).

    I think the text-table of JiaYu speaks of the 4 (FOUR !!!) phones. Two of which will soon be made ​​(Standard Edition). And the other two are delayed due to difficulties in production.

    А вообще, да, телефон интересный 🙂

    • ha ha awesome

    • lukis

      Besides, JiaYu writes about “Corning Gorilla Glass 2”, but here is the “Corning Gorilla Glass 1” in the table (fix this).

  • Aitch

    Will these new phones have improved GPS receiver? SatNav seems to be the big failing of Chinese phones.

    • Whyzor

      Most of the GPS problems are because they use Asia satellite files, update gps.conf to global or western servers and it should lock on faster.

  • Chris

    It’s processor is just cortex a7, if you ask me they should have made the flagship $160.

  • Frankestein

    I have a Question… I want a phone I dont want to wait to long for this G4 … so Whats _BETTER ? Star B92M or th e Jiayu G3 ?

    • alien

      ill go to the G3 as soon i give up waiting for G4 🙂

  • Andrea

    a question: is it dual sim?

  • Will have the hard/slow selling to the world like the G3? :-/ I hope not

    • -Carlos-

      I hope not

  • Igor

    I’ll wait…

  • -Carlos-

    I thought that this phone will be released in February…. but everyone says it will come out until June…. I do not want to wait that long 🙁

  • Zopper

    they are opened presale on pandawill on 15 march, its too much time to wait

    • cpurage

      Wrong !!! The presale date of the Thin 1800mAh version (4G ROM, 1G RAM) is 2013-02-28

  • sam

    there are lots of different versions available on aliexpress, ones with 4gb, 16gb, 32gb rom and also some with 3000mah batteries on other sites with 4gb rom, so we can choose which suits us 🙂 $250 is the lowest you can get one delivered from alixpress to the uk from a seller that has good feedback. That is £155.

  • Jan M.

    Have had the G3 for about 1 month now, an excellent piece of phone. But I see from the images here, that they seem to keep the only MAJOR design flaw with these phones – the placement of the speaker. Internal speaker is quite good, but having all the sound directed away from the user – makes it almost useless for video viewing, streaming etc – unless you cup the corner exactly right with your hand.

  • Josete

    Andi, you know if the Jiagu G4 will have a LED notification like the Jiagu G3? Thaks 😉

  • Manos


    i stil find anything above 4-inch pretty awkward to use. the g2s will probably the last jiayu 4-inch we’ll ever see =(

    Take that back !!! The next 4inch it will be POWERFULL at last and the best phone ever!
    As for now G2S is good for playing!

  • Rory

    Hi it’s my first post on this website, I purchased a Jiayu g3 about a month ago and was hoping to upgrade to Android 4.1.2. I am new to andriod and wouldn’t have a clue how to do this on my own. I am wondering would anybody on here have the time to talk me through how I would do this. Thanks for your time

    • Wai

      Check needrom.com for ROMs for the Jiayu G3

  • thanasis

    I need to know what video resolution and how many frames per sec can record Jiayu G3 and Jiayu G4 too

    Have you any information?

    Thank you

  • Yogesh

    Hi Andy, These chinese brands have really impressive specs, comparable or superior to all top mobiles brands like apple, samsung, htc n others. But still they sell the phones at throwaway price in comparison. What is the reason? Perhaps, their BoM is lower than top brands. But why? Hope you will throw light on it. Thanks!

    • Whyzor

      They basically use existing reference designs (Android, MediaTek SoC, tweaks some minor things), and churn them out, very little overhead in testing, marketing, legal departments…etc.

  • cj

    hi Andy,
    i too would like your recomendation on one of these phones.
    this will be my first non ‘name brand phone’.
    I need duel sim and would prefer quad core with 4′ to 5′ screen.
    this may be asking too much so duel core would do however i would like it to be relyable and free from freezing or slow processing.
    2 to $300 worth of phone.
    anything you could recomend????

  • Kamal Bhandari

    When will Jiayu G4 be available on sale in India

  • Aaron

    Where can i buy The flaggship Version ?

    • When it is released

      • Aaron

        1. When is Release Date
        2. give it a programm from jiayu (for pc ) whith that i can Download Software Updates etc.

  • Anand

    I hear JiaYu is setting up an office in India, I wish them all the best.
    Small word of advice to JiaYu, either have high price & high quality or low price & high quality. Your brand will be dead in the water if there is both low price & low quality. The handsets should sell well if there are service centres in the top 20 cities and if there are quality marketing and promotion efforts.

  • Alex

    Hi, is there a CDMA version of this phone? Or can anyone recommend one with similar specs for CDMA? I currently have the Samsung SCH-I535 that I use flashed to Boost Mobile. Not the best speeds at 3G, but at $35 a month for unlimited everything, I can’t find anything for the same price point that’s better? Only issue I see is constant low signal with the S3 and Boost Mobile, any thoughts on improving signal strength with this combo? Thanks for any help…

  • dumgai

    My experience with Chinese tablets left bittersweet taste in my mouth, as far as the reliability and accuracy of the screen was concerned. I’m hoping these mobile phones wont suffer from the same issues, because honestly I would so buy this phone if the reassurance was there that it would indeed make a viable alternative to overpriced brand name phones as far as the user experience goes.

  • andre

    Is this topmodel a dual simm? i require a dual simm

    • Pretty sure they both do

  • bahunrobot

    when will it be available in india??????

    • You will know as soon as I do