Lewa ROM bring Android UI to the GooPhone i5

Lewa ROM bring Android UI to the GooPhone i5


If you’re like me you might want to get rid of your Goophone’s heavy iOS skinned user interface and run something more ‘Android-like’. Thanks to Android developer Dcrom you can as he has ported the popular Lewa ROM over to the GooPhone i5.

Lewa rom running on Goophone i5

As well as giving your i5 Android feel and function, the Lewa ROM also brings it’s own Lewa Market (a Chinese app store) and Google’s Play store to the GooPhone i5. There are also some handy features such as a Data plan meter to prevent you running up a large phone bill, a theme choose with various themes to choose from, an anti virus app,  SD card manager, a flash light app, plus a lot of the more useful apps from the original Goophone i5 build.

Lewa rom running on Goophone i5

One of the features I love the most on the Lewa rom are the shortcuts in the notification menu which include a reboot option, rotation toggle, screen lock, fast power off!

Lewa rom running on Goophone i5

The one downside I have found with the Lewa ROM on the GooPhone i5 is the mute switch no longer works, but it is likely to be fixed in a coming update.

Lewa rom running on Goophone i5

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  • Airyl

    Cool! If only it had an Apple logo, I could go around boasting that I had changed the whole OS.

  • @Anexonel any chance of a how to article with some download links?

  • fonix232

    GooPhone actually offers the selection of the back logo, it comes in both flavors (GooPhone and Apple), so if you are lucky, and can find a seller who sells both, then you can do so 😀

    Anexonel, by any chance, can you link the stock and LeWa firmwares for the I5?

  • Yep, I just need to give it some minor adjustments and It is done!

    • Gnnnn

      Please, give the link to d/l and test it ! 😀

  • Furqan

    Cant wait ……..!

  • Svehan

    YES! Please!
    Me too…

  • robert

    Does it also work for the Gooapple? I just ordered one.
    At first I thought about the GooPhone, but it wasn’t available in white.
    So I went for the GooApple. To be honest I don’t mind the iOS interface. Not having the store to download apps bothers me more.

  • Greg

    Can I get a link to this ROM?

  • Harry

    Hello Anexonel
    Are there any news?
    Is possible to set up language all italian? (goophone i5 now have chinese, english and italian; i have set italian as main language).
    There is also a possibility to erase recovery and install another one?

  • Dennis

    Nice ROM thats what iam looking for! Where can i get this ROM?

  • Sebastiaan

    I think you can get it on their official forum as well but you will have to use translate to read it.

  • Sebastiaan

    Are you going to share this ROM?

  • alduleimi

    Any updates regarding this ROM ?

  • Jerry

    When can you show how to install Rom to the goophone i5 I’m atoll waiting please help

  • Jerry

    When will tut and download for rom arrive. Anexonel’s site is down till the first of next month

  • ian b

    wondering if we can get a video of how to install the ICS android interface, ive looked on your site and cant seem to find it, thnkas!

  • Hi Anexonel..
    Could you please see if there could be a release for the Y5 too? 🙂