First official UMi X2 hands-on photos show us everything!

First official UMi X2 hands-on photos show us everything!


Earlier today we posted an image of what we said was the first real look at the face of the UMi X2, some of you weren’t convinced it is real, but there is no denying that these photos are of the real phone.

These photos show and engineering prototype of the UMi X2 and give us our first official look at how the new UMi phone is going to look. Personally I’m pleasantly surprised with the design and see that the overall look is a lot less Samsung inspired than some of the earlier renderings would have had us believe.

True to the rumours the X2 has an extremely narrow bezel along each edge of the 5-inch, 1080, Gorilla Glass display. We can also see that UMi are sticking to the more traditional capacitive navigation buttons rather than the on-screen variety.

umi x2 hands on photo

Above the screen we can just make out the UMi X1 logo to the left, with the front facing camera sitting to the right above the 1920 x 1080 resolution screen.

As we have previously seen, the 13 mega-pixel sensor is raised from the rear of the phone slightly, but seems to be well protected from scratches when placed on a table. There is also a dual LED flash for night photos, but hopefully you will only need it in extreme situations as the X2 sports a F/2.0 aperture.

Towards the bottom of the rear are the various markings along side an external speaker.

umi x2 rear hands on

The power/hold switch and volume toggle are all located on the right hand side of the phone, where UMi claim they are easy to operated even singly handed, despite the large display.

umi x2 dual-sim

Whoever took these photos is really treating us well as we even get our first glimpse of the inside of the X2 where we can confirm it will support dual-sim stand-by and will have a micro SD card slot to boost internal storage. That battery is also shown, which according to the specs is a 2500mAh unit.

UMi x2 android ui

Android purists will be happy to see that UMi have made very few changes to the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean build on the X2, and from what we can see here it seems to be close to a vanilla install.

If you have read are earlier coverage on the UMi X2 the specification will come as no surprise, for those of you who don’t know though the UMi X2 will ship with a quad-core MediaTek MT6589 CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 5-inch 1080 display and 13 mega-pixel rear camera. Pricing is expected to be around 1499 Yuan ($240) and we should see the phone launch very soon.

Thanks to Annonymous for the tip!

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  • Whyzor

    Nice, would like to get the official dimensions (seems elusive still). Also the redundant on-screen navigation buttons with capacitive buttons on the bottom is odd. Can’t wait for the gray version so I can buy it. The white phones get dirty easily and may fade in color over time. Black is timeless.

  • cpurage

    Andi I’m spechless and I’m crying from JOY I’m not kiddin, really I can’t belive to my eys, because I was expeccting “chinness” phone with not so detailed and perfect looking vision and now I realised that my waiting for this phone will be jenerosly rewarded, because this is the hyper awesome phone that I have ever seen, LOOK AT THE PICTURES FOR CHRIST SAKE, THE UMI X2 is is the best (better) looking more than any other phone on the planet and on the market !!! No OPPO no other chinnes brand could resist the design of this phone !!!

    • Patator

      What design ? This is just the same design over and over again, there are already dozens of Chinese phones with the same …(which is more or less a copy of Samsung Galaxy SIII…).
      There’s definitely nothing new design-wise with this X2… :'(

  • Do want one right now :3

    • analyst

      What is the SAR value of this mobile

  • Nat

    looks good!

  • Amby

    Now thats what Im talkin about !!! This is a great phone in all respects !! Great screen and overall specs. Indeed, redundant navigation buttons are odd. But guess I can live with that !

    Andi, Now the key thing is to follow up and find out the launch date and a genuine respectable online retailer !!!


  • lahkok

    Soft button looks like software problem that could be fixed. Gonna wait for the review first.

  • DroidO

    anyone know if this UMI X2 will be 3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz like the UMI X1?

    • cpurage

      Yes it will be 900/2100 because on it’s portfolio picture is given that kind of info 😀

  • Rafy

    Why that bavigation bar on the screen? There are soft keys….

  • Kyan

    This phone looks awesome, but i’m hoping to buy a phone for around $160 like the Jiayu G4. The DPI is really high on this phone, which I hate lol, but i’m sure I can change it easily with some build.prop modifications 🙂

  • Chabula

    And now an action to buy it together., with a nice discount .
    By one of your favorite sellers

  • Anonymous

    The navigation buttons are there just because the software is not done yet, they wont be present in final version…

  • AndroidFreak

    I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now if you were kind enough to add $100 to my budget, I would be the second happiest person on earth after you!! in readiness to buying this phone : )

  • I want that! This is the price I can pay for a phone.

  • Rob

    I’ll add this one to my shortlist.

    • Yep awesome looking phone!

      • Rob

        It sure is Andi. Only thing I want to know is when it will be launched.

        • I’ve heard this month form some sources, but I’m not convinced.

  • It seems the photos are showing a single LED flash. Not a dual one.

    • Niko

      i have umi x1, it seem the Led flash same as on UMI x2, it has 2 Led Light, even though it place on one place holder

  • kevin_23

    Andi good at all, so this phone andi like jiayu fanastica g4 have a pint, you know your mobile, screen umi jiayug3 and x1 are up nexus Screen 4 or not? a hug

    • lahkok

      u wot m8?

  • kevin_23

    is comparable in quality hd ips screen umi 1 and g3 jiayu nexus screen with 4?

  • AndroidFreak

    I want one now! 🙁 🙁

  • kevin_23

    Andi can you answer me? Ips panel on jiayu g3 are comparable to ips nexus 4 panel? Thanks

    • Not tried a Nexus as they aren’t available here in China

      • kevin_23

        andi thanks for answering a question hd ips panel and jiayug3 umix1 this up to phones like lg optimus true hd, galaxy s3 etc? certainly have your phone? a hug.

  • leonwangls

    Hopefully the camera (13mp) will at least be equal to the Samsung s3.(8mp)

  • Allanitomwesh

    These phones call for a Battle review. Quad Core HD Phones Under $200 or something along those lines. Hey Andi,what’s your opinion on the Find 5? Will you be reviewing it? It’s still top of my list….

  • hursty

    So what’s the actually chance of getting one of these when there launched ?

  • kevin_23

    Andi which mobile phone do you have?

    • Xiaomi M2 🙂

      • kevin_23

        without comment, for me the best phone that exists right now, a hug

  • Ashfaq Junani

    Does Umi X2 support HDMI out? So we can enjoy it on big screen?

  • Barack Obama

    I like this video on the UMI XII

  • Fingertyping

    Where can i buy it when it is launch? Im interested in it… Very nice phone

  • Bhupender Kumar

    hi .. can i purchase umi x2 in india… and wat price in indian rupees… thanks

    • please reply andiiiiiii is this avail on jorhat,assam in india !!!!!!!!!

  • AndroidKid

    ooopps… control keys on the screen and capacitive keys.. design FAIL…!!!

    • Apparently this one of them will be removed for the production run. Not sure if the capacitive keys or on screen keys are staying though

  • thi ha

    Just curious, why Chinese people like to put their phone on rocks?
    Are they nuts? I always try to find the best surface for my phone to place. Weirdo!